The weather is heating up and before you know it, the heat advisories will be on the Weather Network. It's a luxury to live in a place that has decent air conditioning in the city, so cooling down isn't always the easiest thing to do in the summer months. It's tough to complain about it being too hot when the majority of the year we live in extreme cold, but when you're living without AC and you literally feel like you're going to melt into your floor, what else are you supposed to do? Here's some tips to help you cool down this summer.

1. Utilize Your Freezer

Your freezer is probably the coolest place in your home, so utilize it. Throw your sheets or pillow cases in there before bed, and cool down your clothes or hat before you put it on to help cool down your body. May sound crazy but when you're at overheating, the smallest things can help!

2. Cotton Sheets

Get rid of those luxury silk, flannel sheets and opt for cotton ones. Cotton sheets are lightweight, breathable and will promote ventilation/airflow to help you sleep better at night.

3. Fans, Fans And MoreFfans

You may not have AC but you can score some fans for pretty cheap just about anywhere. Load up on fans and sprinkle them throughout your house to help circulate the air. Make sure you have one or two pointed at your bed when you sleep at night, the breeze will help a bunch.

4. Less Is More

Strip down and wear less. If you don't need to be wearing pants in your house, don't. Change into cool, breathable clothing. Avoid heavier materials like denim and wool. Why do you think your butt gets so sweaty when you wear jean shorts?

5. Sleep With Ice Packs And Wet Face Cloths

Ice packs and wet face cloths can make the world of a difference. Apply them to your pressure points like the back of your neck, back of knees, wrists, etc. for an instant cool down.

6. Cold Showers Will Be Your New BFF

You may not have AC but you do have cold water (hopefully), so shower frequently, even a quick jump in a cold shower for a couple seconds can instantly cool you down. Having wet hair also helps.

7. Close Your Curtains And Turn Off Your Lights

Whenever you can, keep your curtains closed, especially during the day when the heat is at the highest. Blocking out the sun from beating into your apartment will keep your apartment cool.

8. Avoid Using The Stove And Oven To Cook

Especially in a small space, it's crazy how much a stove or oven can heat up your apartment. Try to avoid using these appliances on the hottest days. Opt for barbecuing, or eating colder foods like salads.

9. Move To The Floor

If you're really having a meltdown (literally) lay on your floor for a little while. Especially if you don't have carpet, your floor can be the coolest point in your house. Heat rises people, remember that!

10. Make A DIY Air Conditioning System

Yes, it's possible. All you need is a few supplies and you'll save the money you'd spend on buying an air conditioner, and be cooler. Here are 5 different ways you could make one yourself.

11. Spritz Bottle

Grab yourself a spritz bottle from the dollar store and fill it up with ice water, whenever you just can't take the heat anymore, spritz yourself with it. Simple as that!

12. Spend Time Outside Of Your House

If your house is too hot, leave it! If you need to do work, go use your computer at Starbucks. If you don't need to be at your house, don't be, especially during the hottest points of the day.

 13. Sit Still

Pacing back and forth thinking about hot you are does not help your case. Sit still, lay down, just stay in one place and allow your body to cool down. The more you move around, the hotter you'll get.

14. Open Your Windows In The Evening When It Cools Down

When the temperature drops, open up your windows and let the cool air in. This will help your apartment from getting to0 stuffy.

15. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated can go a long way, and by hydrated, we mean with water, not coffee or alcohol. Coffee and alcohol tend to dehydrate you which really doesn't help your case, so stick to H2O!

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