Gigi Hadid is so 2016. This year, it's all about her younger sis, Bella. Following a high-profile split with the Weeknd last year, she's been killing the game in 2017.

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Following recent photos of her looking amazing on a yacht, I wanted to look into how exactly she maintains her insane bod. While I sadly can't afford a personal boxing trainer, it turns out her nutritionist, Dr. Charles Passler, actually releases a ton of info online about the diets that he recommends to his clients. 

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What it is 

Dr. Charles Passler recommends his clients follow his 7-Day Pure Change Program. The actual program itself costs $200 for the 7 days, but it's actually pretty easy to replicate based on ingredients you already own. The plan includes pea & rice protein powder (with chocolate or vanilla as flavor options), seven protein bars (cookies & cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, or double chocolate), a box of detox support packets, one bottle of probiotic supplements, and one bottle of magnesium supplements.

Essentially, for 7 days, you eat protein shakes, protein bars, and then two 100-calorie meals of steam veggies. No alcohol, no coffee, and definitely no junk food. How hard could it be?

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The process 

It was very hard. While I generally eat pretty healthily day-to-day, I found it pretty difficult to eat such a minimal amount of calories. On the first few days, I was reallly hungry and found it hard to concentrate on work because I couldn't stop thinking of pizza. 

Another big factor was the lack of caffeine and alcohol. Just as I found when I attempted Gisele's diet, going through caffeine withdrawal was not fun. Since I start work at 8, I found it so hard to keep my eyes open. 

I also rely way too much on a post-work drink apparently.  Every day when I got home, all I wanted was to pour myself a glass (or three) of white wine. But because that's not Bella approved, I was stuck with detox tea. Meeting friends for drinks was really sad when all I wanted was to plunge my head into their pitcher of sangria. 

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The effects

After the seven days, I honestly did feel more energized and awake. Maybe it was totally a placebo effect but I genuinely felt like my body was more free of toxins. I even lost a pound which was pretty sweet. Overall though, it's not sustainable for me to eat so little. I guess that's why this is meant to be a temporary cleanse and not a permanent diet. Did I look like Bella by the end? No. But did I feel healthier and more energized? Definitely. 

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