Aaron Brown is a 24 year old Toronto native, who specializes in 100 and 200 m sprinting. He recently returned from his first Olympic journey in Rio and came back with a huge reward. His hard work has paid off and he received his first Olympic bronze medal as part of Canada's 4 x 100 m relay team.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Aaron and finding out about his trip in Rio, interesting facts about himself and what it's like to be an Olympic medalist:

1. At what age did you develop an interest for the track?

I first developed an interest in track when I started taking it seriously in Grade 11. I did it for fun until I was challenged by my teammate Andre Hamilton to be better and I was told by my coach Bill Stephens that I could get a full-ride scholarship in the States and represent Canada on the global stage.

2.  What was the biggest challenge you stumbled on your road to Rio?

My biggest challenge I stumbled on my road to Rio was staying healthy and maintaining proper preparation for my individual events as well as the meeting the demands of the relay team.

3. Who is your greatest mentor?

My greatest mentor is my training partner Justin Gatlin because of his experience and longevity in the sport.

4. What has representing Canada at the Olympics meant to you?

Representing Canada at the Olympics has meant the world to me because it gives me a platform to spread my message that I am trying to share with those who look up to me and the younger generation. I also get a chance to relish in the tremendous support that Canadians disseminate on their athletes.

5. Is there a motto you live your life according to?

The motto I live my life by is to reject finality whenever you don't reach your goals and instead get back up and always look for the next opportunity.

6. What was your favourite cheat meal in Rio?

My favourite cheat meal in Rio was McDonald's (chicken nuggets, fries and a McChicken) and the chocolate chip/double chocolate muffins they had the village.

7. What was the first thought that came to your mind when you won an Olympic Medal?

The first thing that came to my mind when I got my medal was that I was able to walk away from the Games with something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Not many people in the world can say they went to the Olympics and have a medal to show for it. It also motivated me to achieve much more the next time around.

8. Will we see you in Tokyo 2020?

If all goes according to plan, God willing I will be in Tokyo during the peak years of my career competing to get more medals for my country.

9. You currently live in the U.S, what do you miss about Toronto the most?

I live in Clermont, Florida which is just on the outskirts of Orlando and the thing I miss about Toronto is my family and childhood neighbours that I rarely get to see; it's always great to revisit the streets where I grew up on. I also miss Tim Horton's.

I would personally like to thank Aaron for this interview. Congratulations on your win and many more to come! Canada is proud of you!

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