Let me start by prefacing this article with the definition of not giving a shit. No I didn’t go around kicking small animals and stealing candy from kids all day, I cared about humanity. What I did do was put aside all possible shits I could have given about what other people were thinking of me. The result? Two words, UN-REAL (Yes I know it’s one word, it’s for dramatic emphasis get with it).

Started off my day like any other, woke up feeling like I should probably not brag about how I “woke up like this”. So I turned on some classic pump up tunes, slapped on some concealer (for my own sanity) and when I went to my closet I chose the outfit I’d been wanting to wear for weeks but was always scared about what people would think about it. But fuck it, today I wasn’t supposed to care about that.

Heading out into the beauty of the half cement half manicured lawn metropolis we live in I set out to my day of not giving a fuck. It was fantastic. I wasn’t constantly worrying about whether people I passed where judging me. I didn’t worry about laughing with my friends about talking about what happened last weekend. I didn’t worry about being stigmatized when I called my mom crying on the street after a particularly rough therapy appointment (self care is self care, girls gotta cry sometimes).

It may sound so simple to so many people, but in an age where anything you say/post/do seems to be under constant scrutiny it was unbelievable to feel like it all didn’t matter. I was more confident and wasn’t being a hypocrite when I said I felt my Queen B vibes coming through walking through the financial district. And spoiler alert- it really doesn’t matter what people think anyways. I know you’re about to cringe right now, but I’m not turning this into a pep rally hallmark card fusion post about how it’s so awesome to be set free of people’s expectations. People are always going to have expectations the point is we tend to magnifying them to the point where we’re afraid to try new things. We put limits on what we can do, or how we can act just because we think that dude on the corner is going to judge us for wearing that bomb new choker we bought. But really? Boy is focused on his own shit, and when we assume everyone’s thinking about us we get extremely self-conscious.

All in all I was let in on a big secret that my ego was keeping from me (rude), everyone is so focused on their own lives that they don’t have the time to critique your every move. Realizing this let me strut down the street wearing my hella cute wedges while humming, a little too loudly, Like Me by Girlicious. It let me not want to crawl in a hole after I tripped on aforementioned hella cute wedges.

It shifted my accidental narcissistic thought pattern into one that was way more realistic- people are just doing them, and you’re just doing you. Not every single person you pass in the street is going to care about your outfit, or your hair. And if people happen to judge you? It’s only because they have some issue that they don’t want to face, so they try and find yours instead.

Summary? You’re too unique to be worrying about what people think about your next move, so just go for it. Even if it doesn’t work out or someone does judge you, you still have all the power to bend, snap and move on with your life. It’s not those people at the end of the day who decide how you felt during the day, it’s all about how good you are gonna feel walking through the financial district at happy hour knowing no one can make you feel like less than a ten.

*But please give some shits, ie. don’t go hitting anyone. We got to protect our nice Torontonian reputation and you know...prove that there’s humanity left in the world.*

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