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Dear person in charge of making snow day decisions at schools in Toronto,

Why do you want me to die? what did I ever do to you? I have had professors cancel class because their kid is acting in a play and you're telling me that, in this impending snowpocalypse, I need to find a way to campus or else be penalized for missing a class?

I would be interested to see some stats surrounding how many students skip class on days when the school's administration are absurd enough to not cancel classes during extreme weather conditions. According to CTV news, there have already been 150 crashes on Toronto roads today, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY, so I am not exaggerating when I say you are legitimately exposing me to a death trap. You should be charged with attempted murder (also, I don't care if that's dramatic.)

Further, how are you getting to school? Do you have some form of magical transportation to campus? Because if so, give me a ride and I will happily get there on time, ready to learn, but unless you are slumming it on the TTC and slippery streets of Toronto, you have no right! NO RIGHT I SAY! to expect me to get to class while endangering my life.

In all seriousness, in case you have forgotten, Toronto is a city of commuter schools, and not cancelling classes when the city is experiencing such high rates of snow fall is not only effing ridiculous, but plain unsafe. What good is learning or a University degree going to do me if I don't make it home from class tonight? Who will hire me when I drop out because I am just SO ANGRY?!?


Not dying today

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