Christmas is fast approaching, like really, really fast.

And yet, there's still many of us (YES, WE'RE LOOKING AT YOU) who have not finished crossing off everyone on their shopping list. So for the procrastinators who left their holiday gifts to the last minute, you're welcome:

Photo via- Pagelizard 

1. For mom or dad: adult colouring books from Chapters

While many of us assume that a great last minute gift for mom or dad might be a book, maybe a colouring book might be a better idea. Sometimes it's difficult to guess exactly what book would interest your gift recipient ( remember that time you got "50 Shades of Grey" for nana?), but an adult colouring book, that have been super popular lately, will suit everyone's literary tastes.   Doctors say that colouring books can even help combat stress and anxiety, perfect for this stressful time of year.

Photo cred- The Ten Spot 

2. For your girlfriend: A gift card to The Ten Spot

While we would usually say avoid gift cards because they seem a little impersonal, a gift card to this awesome beauty spot is a whole different story. EVERY girl likes getting their nails done, or their hair done, or their eyelashes done, or just getting everything done at once. The Ten Spot, with several locations all over Toronto, has all these services to have your girl feeling like a millions bucks, just in time for the new year.  

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3. For your boyfriend: Sweats from The OVO Store 

Even if you don't care about Drake, you do and so does your man. Celebrate Christmas with the gift of  cozy, Drizzy-inspired sweatpants, perfect for cold winter nights (jks, it's 10 degrees outside right now and we basically live in Spain.) These sweats will have him counting his blessing on blessings that you're such a great gf.

Photo cred- West Elm  

5. For you S/O's parents: Candles from West Elm 

If you happen to see your S/O's parents during the holidays, don't come empty handed. And while our first instinct is just to bring a bottle of wine, keep in mind that not everyone drinks. You want to bring something that will leave their parents thinking warm thoughts about you, so a candle is a safe bet (get it? cause its warm? okay, I'm done.) But really, candles are a great accessory for any home, and these awesome soy candles made from recycled wine bottles are both quirky and environmentally conscious.

Photo cred- Instagram 

6. For your brother or sister: Candy from Squish

This can be your way of saying sorry for all the candy you've stollen from your sibling in the past. This adorable candy "boutique", located on the lowest level of the Bay,  features sophisticated candy made with natural colours and flavours. Honestly, the packaging alone is a good enough reason to gift these gummies. Our favourite? The magic mushrooms!

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7. For your homie: anything from Peace Collective

For any of your Toronto friends you've yet to get a gift for, check out one of our favourites: The Peace Collective. This clothing brand has everything from hats to t-shirts to sweatshirts, that feature awesome Toronto-related sayings. "TORONTO VS. EVERYBODY" sounds about right. Also, for every article of clothing purchased a hungry Canadian child is given two healthy meals. Amazing!

Photo cred- Pinterest 

8. For Grandma or Grandpa: tickets to Casa Loma High Tea 

Give your grandparents a day of old world luxury by getting them tickets to Casa Loma's annual High Tea for Winterlicious.  Ticket can be purchased here, (for the extra-rushed holiday shoppers, this is ideal because you don't even need to leave your house!) They can enjoy their selection of tea, and decadent miniature foods, while surrounded by live music. Bonus Points: if you go with them.

Photo cred- Materia Incognita 

8. For Yourself: Alcohol  

Treat yo' self.

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