In today's electronic age, it's never been easier to communicate information and learn about events happening all over the world. But so often, the media prioritizes tragedy, loss, disaster and misfortune to sell papers and drive traffic instead of showcasing our shared resilience and incredible achievements.

Exposing these more personal stories of innovation, empathy, creativity, collaboration and experimentation being displayed by people on the frontlines of social and environmental challenges is the concept behind UPLIFT: A travel show with real purpose.

Barnabe and Nisha are a Toronto couple who've leveraged the power of the Internet to make a travel TV show that not only highlights the hidden beauty of some of the most underdeveloped countries on the planet, but also meets with the entrepreneurs and innovators working on solutions to some of the most important problems we face today.

We feel strongly the show can be entertaining and still go deeper than a superficial travel show. It’s about discovering countries and cultures by meeting incredible people tackling social and environmental challenges, and having an awesome adventure along the way.

Instead of just snapshots and sound bites meant to represent the complexities of humankind, UPLIFT takes us there to show us the change happening from the inside, helping to make our world a better place.

The pilot episode was entirely funded by a humble Kickstarter campaign, but quickly raised over 250% of its funding goal and gaining international media attention. The project has interested various broadcasters, but the couple are looking for the right fit to make their vision a reality.

From a big picture perspective, a lot of the factual television out there focuses on vapid entertainment and sensationalism. We want to change that, and shows like Parts Unknown on CNN prove there’s an audience for deeper storytelling that helps to change how we see the world.

Very much aware that millennials do actually care about real issues and want to explore what actions can be taken to solve problems instead of just being told how messed up everything is, Barnabe and Nisha are revolutionizing how we view the news while making it entertaining at the same time.

If UPLIFT is something that resonates with you, check out the Facebook Page and website for more information about the show and to get involved with this amazing project.

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