The shocking election of Donald Trump as the next US president has prompted everyone around the world to take a look into their own countries. In Canada, the overwhelming majority was dissatisfied with the Trump win, but there were still some individuals who were actually pleased with the outcome.

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Of the latter grouping is Kellie Leitch, a candidate for Conservative leadership. Leitch made national headlines for a statement she made after Trump's win last Tuesday, in which she praised the victory as "an exciting message that needs to be delivered in Canada as well." She has also voiced her support for some of Trump's controversial ideologies.


Leitch has received criticism for some of her Trump-esque proposals. Her most controversial suggestion involves a policy that would call for the strict screening of immigrants for Canadian values. Many Canadians felt that Leitch's description of "anti-Canadian values" was her subtextual way of advocating for anti-Muslim concepts.

The Conservative party even commented against Leitch's idea: "This suggestion, that some immigrants are 'anti-Canadian', does not represent our Conservative Party or our Canada."

Since has since defended herself against allegations that she is using Trumpean strategies to win the Conservative bid. ""I am not a racist," she asserts. "I am not a person who's out groping other individuals. I do not do those things and I don't think that the Canadians who support the ideas I'm talking about do those types of things."

Leitch's position on immigration and her apparent disdain for the elites has led to several comparisons between her and the president-elect, with some people even pegging her as the "Canadian Trump". While 70% of Canadians did not approve of Trump's win, 77% of them also said they would consider voting for a leadership candidate who would operate on a platform similar to Trump's - one that is stricter on issues like immigration, free trade and crime.

So then, could we see a Trump figure in our own government? 

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