The Antonangeli sisters have always loved playing dress up together. You may know them from their blog 3 Girls & Our Closet. Cassandra, the eldest who is 25, Aly, the middle child who is 23, and Nadia, the youngest who is 21, have always shared the love of fashion. These Toronto sisters were super close growing up, but as they grow older, they've become inseparable. From sharing the stage together when they all danced competitively, to travelling to across the world together, these three sisters have built a special bond that is comparable to the Kardashian sisters.

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3 Girls & Our Closet created a choker collection for the everyday girl. Their inspiration comes from their love for fashion and their belief in women's empowerment. The girls aim to bring limited edition designs that are unique, chic and fashion-forward. Their chokers range from $20 to $100 and are made with quality fabrics, fine beading and crystal embellishments. With styles for young girls, teenagers, and adults, there is something for everyone! For clients wishing to create a special one of a kind piece that represents their personal style and personality the Antonangeli sisters offer customization. They have an international online store that you can order their chokers from!

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via @3girlsandourcloset

1. How do each of you show your personality through what you wear? 

Aly: "Cassandra shows her outgoing personality through her style by experimenting with new trends and mixing different prints and patterns together. She likes to have fun with her day-to-day wear and inspires both of us with whatever she puts together! I on the other hand like to dress with comfort in mind, but still make sure I feel cool and chic! My easygoing personality definitely shows through my style! Nadia’s style is a mix of both of ours, but she likes to add her own unique touch to her outfits and always looks effortless."

2. What’s your favourite item in your closet right now?

Nadia: "Our favourite item in our closet right now are our vintage Chanel earrings! They make a bold statement and are perfect to wear dressy or casual with a cute tee and jeans. We can’t get enough of them!"

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3. Why do you think it’s important to be bold with your appearance? 

Cassandra: "We believe in experimenting with fashion. We believe fashion is and should be fun and creative! To us, it is important to be bold with our appearance because we like to use fashion as a way to express ourselves. As young empowered women, fashion helps us to feel confident in our own skin."

4. Do you bicker with your sisters over sharing each other’s clothes?

Aly: "Definitely, but eventually we each give in and let each other borrow certain items…on one condition, if we haven’t worn it or used it yet, no one else can! Besides that, we share almost everything! (This is the good thing about being three sisters; we have three closets to choose from!)"

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5. Who is a #girlboss you look up to?

Aly: "There are so many amazing and inspiring #girlbosses worldwide doing amazing things for themselves and others. While we are inspired by so many of them daily, one #girlboss we look up to is Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat. She is not only a major fashion influencer and blogger, but she has built a brand that we admire. From her Archive shoe collection to her Second Skin overalls and impeccable fashion sense, she does it all and at such a young age! Her hard work and determination inspires us to keep building our brand and working hard to achieve our goals."

6. What’s one message you would like your followers to hear?

Cassandra: "We hope to inspire others through our brand the same way we are inspired by so many. We want our followers to remember to be confident, be bold, and be unique with their style, but most importantly be themselves. We want women to feel like the beautiful and powerful individuals that they are, and we want them to know that they can do anything they set their minds to! It is important for our followers to know that they must believe in themselves and always follow their dreams!"

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7. How have you made a career out of blogging?

Nadia: "We are growing it daily, but we hope that someday it will become our career. Currently we do paid collaborations, sponsorships with a variety of brands, and styling. With the launch of our choker collection this past December, we have been experiencing success and have our collection in a few stores around the GTA. We want 3 Girls & Our Closet to continue to grow as a brand that focuses on blogging, styling, and fashion designing. We are learning everyday and thank our followers for supporting us throughout our journey!"

via @3girlsandourcloset

Thanks for sharing, Antonangeli Sisters! Follow these Toronto fashion divas on Instagram for inspiration <3

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