Toronto has so many beautiful people, it's impossible to give them all the recognition the deserve. But we're going to try out best anyways with a new feature called Model Mondays. Enjoy: 

Let’s talk about Dani Doucette and the kind of stuff she does. Specifically, she’s a Toronto swimsuit model with a very definite talent for making beach-related recreation look particularly sexy (some rather titillating snapshots on her Instagram account is proof of that).

Sometimes this blue-eyed beauty is flaunting her curves while working as a fitness model. Other times the London, Ontario native is gliding down the runway for internationally-acclaimed fashion designers. Always versatile, she can also be found composing rad songs that make it to iTunes.

Sure, you have questions. So here’s what this sultry model has to say about movie dates, what confidence can do for a guy, and why maybe you should ditch the cheesy pickup lines.

1. You live in Toronto, what is your favourite thing about the city?

Being an outdoorsy person I love the amount of parks and trails we have! I love going for an outdoor run or bike ride and the waterfront is pretty amazing.

2. Where is your favourite place to go on a date in the city?

My favourite type of date would be a packed lunch or dinner on the back of a bike, and maybe head over to a park to catch a nostalgic movie laying on a beach blanket. Then again, sometimes the best dates are at home, a living room dance session

3. How should a guy approach you?

Well, I have an amazing man in my life and I'll tell you how he got me. His confidence and sense of genuity kept me wanting to know more about him. No cheesy lines. An honest approach.

4. How should a guy never approach you?

I can't stand when a guy tries to kiss your hand, that type of stuff is so cheesy.

5. What is your favourite thing about being a model?

I think always trying to better myself is the best part if the job. It's very demanding but that's what keeps you on your game. I could say travel and opportunities, but maybe that's cliche.

6. What is your greatest accomplishment so far as a model?

I've been doing this for so long it's so hard to pick one favourite! I've accomplished so much traveling to different countries. Maybe a highlight would be shooting for Harpers Bazaar in Asia when I was a newbie. Walking the runway for some pretty amazing designers as well globally. Publishings, commercials, music videos and campaigns. I've done and enjoy it all.

7. You do a lot of promotional modelling work, do you enjoy it?

Yes, promo can be fun. It allows you to really interact with people, showcase your personality!

8. Do guys ever have any misconceptions about models? What would you tell them?

Yeah, I think that happens sometimes. However I think any woman who puts her best self first will never be misunderstood. I find beautiful girls are losing themselves behind the fake hair and makeup. A smile and confidence is everything.

Sometimes judgement happens when you aren't being true to yourself. And for the boys, I would tell them to look deeper and give respect. Real beauty is more than skin deep.

9. What physical and personality traits catch your eye?

My man has a walk so sexy it was one of the things I was so attracted too. And everything a guy has to say is in his eyes. Kind eyes and an authentic laugh.

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