Mother nature is a fickle bitch. 

I don't know what it is but Toronto's weather just seems to be all over the map: while once day it could be snowing the next it could be 20 degrees. This kind of whether not only messes up my weekend plans, but more importantly my outfits. How is one supposed to know what to wear when there could be 4 seasons in one day?

A new app called "Coat" helps you get out the door faster (and chicer) by answering the pressing fashion questions that always make you 5 minutes late:

- Is it umbrella weather?

- Do you need to wear a coat today?

- Is it going to be humid enough to require a ponytail?

The app uses local weather conditions to send daily notifications on what exactly you should wear based on whats happening outside. It's an actual life/outfit saver!

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