Canada has the first and only true ice hotel in North America, that is located 4 km north of Quebec City. Hôtel de Glace should be on top of your winter bucket list because it will transfer you into a magical world made completely out of snow and ice.

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The question is, why would one want to stay overnight in the cold? Don't worry, with Nordic sleeping bags, you're guaranteed to stay warm all throughout your stay. Some suites even have fireplaces! With massive snow vaults, crystalline ice sculptures, 44 rooms and suites, you'll truly have a fascinating experience at this hotel. The rooms are located within this igloo structure, offering  one, two or three queen size beds.

You'll also have access to their Nordic Spa, between 9 pm and 9 am which includes a relaxation area with outdoor spas and saunas. You're ice experience will totally be complete, while you enjoy these spas surrounded by snow, underneath the stars!

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Oh and how could I forget, of course there is a bar. Signature cocktails are served in ice glasses and you'll receive a complimentary drink if you get the overnight package!

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If you're not brave enough to stay over night at the hotel, you're more than welcome to explore it during the day or night! From 10 am - 8 pm, tickets cost $15.87 and after 8pm it's $12.39.

So, who's interested? For more information and bookings check out the Hôtel de Glace website. 

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