It's no secret that the province of Ontario has become a pricey area of the country to live in. From astronomical rent costs to massive down payments on homes, Ontarians definitely have it rough. Though, according to a new report, some cities in the province are a lot easier on your wallet compared to others. 

While there are the serial offenders such as Toronto that regularly fleece both renters and property owners living in the GTA, you'll be surprised at how much it can cost to live in smaller cities, as well as how cheap it can be if you are determined to save money. 

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To figure out the most affordable places in the province, InSauga released a list that compiled a few statistics in order to figure out which places in Ontario were actually affordable. Average home prices, price to income ratios and median income data all went into determining the statistics below, which applies to single family households.

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The statistics mentioned being average home price and median income have a lot to do with affordability in general. For instance, someone with a higher income will find a more expensive house more affordable than someone whose income is lower.

Meaning this list isn't necessarily about the cheapest place to live in general, but what's the most affordable in relation to the population's average income. Now it's time to figure out how your city ranks!  

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21. Greater Toronto 

Average home price: $804,584 

Median income: $39,560 

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20. Hamilton 

Average home price: $569,490 

Median income: $36,460 

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19. Oakville

Average home price: $719,000

Median income: $48,604

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18. Durham 

Average home price: $604,514

Median income: $41,798

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17. Peterborough 

Average home price: $448,875

Median income: $31,924

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16. Milton 

Average home price: $719,000

Median income: $54,184

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15. Kitchener 

Average home price: $479,497

Median income: $37,355

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14. Niagara 

Average home price: $418,479

Median income: $32,201

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13. Cambridge 

Average home price: $473,275

Median income: $36,717

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12. Brantford 

Average home price: $414,150

Median income: $32,491

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11. Barrie 

Average home price: $481,400

Median income: $39,243

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10. Burlington 

Average home price: $569,490

Median income: $48,039

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9. Waterloo 

Average home price: $479,497

Median income: $41,003

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8. Guelph 

Average home price: $436,000

Median income: $40,113

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7. London 

Average home price: $368,490

Median income: $34,356

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6. Quinte 

Average home price: $338, 646

Median income: $33,617

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5. Kingston 

Average home price: $366, 582

Median income: $36,960 

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4. Ottawa-Gatineau 

Average home price: $418,232

Median income: $44,189 

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3. Windsor 

Average home price: $303,183

Median income: $34,378

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2. Sudbury 

Average home price: $268,696

Median income: $31,115

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1. Thunder Bay 

Average home price: $217,745

Median income: $35,282

Source: InSauga 

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