Rhythmic Gymnastics is hard. I mean all sports are hard, but rhythmic gymnastics is REALLY hard. If you're thinking naw, it's a 'girl' sport, how hard can it be? Let me show you:

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If you thinking catching a ball between your legs while upside down is easy, then you're either a rhythmic gymnast, or delusional.

The list of struggles that RG girls face is long and daunting, but here are a few universal pains we can all relate to: 

1. Brand new toe-shoes that are too slippery.

Good luck nailing a back-balance turn in those... 

2. When someone says "can you do a flip?"

Nope sorry, wrong sport.

3. Or when someone says "It's the one with the ribbons and stuff, right?"

C'mon people...Does NO ONE know what rhythmic gymnastics is?

4. Or when someone is totally grossed out by your flexibility.

You: **does elbow stand** Them:"Ew! Do you even have bones?"

5. Buying super expensive suits every comp season...

...That are SO worth it. Never enough Swarovski crystals.

6. Then seeing those Swarovski crystals scattered all over the carpet after a routine.

**sheds one single tear**

7. Not understanding your coaches when they talked amongst themselves because they were probably Eastern European.

There's a good chance you have picked up some Russian or Polish words during your gymnastics career.

8. Gluing your leotard to you butt.

Regular people will just never understand.


The searing pain is enough to bring tears to your eyes just thinking about it. 

10. Giving up anything resembling a "life" in order to go to practice a million times a week.

"Sorry, can't come to your birthday/wedding/bat mitzvah. I have training."

11. Living in constant fear that your ribbon will get tied in a knot during a routine.

This is what real nightmares are made of. 

12.  Super, super tight buns.

Ever had a million bobby pins stab you in the skull? It's not fun.

13. Being in SO much physical pain after taking the slightest break from gymnastics.

Stretching on chairs was the worst.

14. Getting hit in the face by your apparatus.

Curse you clubs! 

15. Never wanting to give it up, no matter what struggles you faced.


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