Get your wands ready and practice your Accio spell (you summon him), because Ron Weasley...I mean Rupert Grint is in town this weekend for the Fan Expo. Along with him are his fellow Hogwarts Alumni Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy, and the Phelps twins, aka the lovably-goofy Fred (RIP) and George Weasley.

For anyone who doesn't know what Fan Expo is, it's a whirlwind of everything gaming, anime, horror, sci-fi, and AWESOME!  It's basically the Canadian comic con and it's definitely not to be missed. From endless exhibits to meet-and-greats with you favourite celebs, it will bring the geek out in all of us.

Although tickets are sold out online, you can still score some at the doors, which open Thursday, September 3rd at 4am. For more info on the schedule of events click here!

Weasley is our king. That is all. 

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