Whether or not it's your first boyfriend or your seventeenth boyfriend, breakups are no joke. Splitting up with someone is never easy and getting over them is even harder. But don't worry, you're not alone. From stuffing your face with enough junk food to span Yonge St. to crying on your bedroom floor till 4am, we've all been through the breakup blues at least once. And at some point, we all reach the crazy ex-girlfriend stage. So here are the 15 things every Toronto girl does after a breakup.

1. Immediately goes to Day and Night for a new hair cut.

2. Rejoins the crew at Wildflower on Thursdays.

3. Hits the floozy stage AKA hooks up with every suit in the Financial District.

4. Says she's going to get a tattoo - probably from New Tribe or Adrenaline.

5. Cyber stalks her ex and any new girls involved with him.

Photo Cred - The Gloss

6. The pizza at North of Brooklyn becomes her new best friend.

7. Same with the ice cream at Sweet Jesus.

8. She tries to be friends with her ex, which is never a good idea.

9. Cries... and then cries some more.

10. Gets buzzed all day long now that there's beer at Loblaws.

Photo Cred - Reality TV GIFs

11. Relearns how to interact with the opposite sex.

12. Hooks up with dudes she's not even into.

13.  Takes home a random from The Addisons every Saturday night.

14. She regrets every decision she's made thus far.

15. As sloppy as the hook-ups may be and as bad as her decisions may seem, they mean she's officially back in the game.

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