Where am I? What time is it? Who's apartment is this? Where are my clothes? Who is this dude laying beside me?! Wait, he's hot - it's fine. Did we have sex? Good for me! Ugh, my head hurts. How do I get home? I need food.

Ever had any of these thoughts before? Well congrats (or maybe not depending...), your among some of Toronto's finest who have participated in the walk of shame. From taking a bus and a streetcar and then the subway just to get home to walking past streets you've never even heard of before ("Joe Shuster Way...? How in the f*ck did I even get here?"), you can't deny that at least one of these thoughts have crossed your mind before.

1. "What is life???"

2. "Is Burrito Boyz open right now? I'm hungry."

3. "I can't believe I'm doing this..."

Photo Cred - La Clique du Plateau

4. "...Again."

5. "Maybe I should go to Shawarma Empire instead."

6. "The sex wasn't even that good."

7. "Do I need to go Northbound or Southbound on the subway? Or am I on the Bloor-Danforth line?"

8. "Yes, I know my eyeliner is smudged - stop staring at me, sir."

Photo Cred - Unladylike

9. "Wait, did I come from the Financial District or the Entertainment District?"

10. "I definitely left my new Gooseberry underwear there... I'll never see them again."

11. "Someone just stab me with my Heel Boy stilettos please."

12. "I physically reek of shame - the homeless Tim Hortons man just told me so."

13. "Curse you and your $3 shooters Insomnia!"

Photo Cred - Giphy

14. "But also thank you because I had enough money to get home this morning."

15. "Good thing I went for that wax at the Ten Spot last week."

16. "I thought he said he played for the Leafs... He only plays for the Toronto Marlies… Ugh, so not worth it."

17. "Okay no, stop it, I just gotta own this. This is my stride of pride, my victory lap!"

18. "Just kidding this isn't working..."

Photo CredTumblr

19. "Where did my dignity go???"

20. "At least I got laid though."

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