Being Canadian is so much fun. Everyone thinks we're the nicest people in the world and we have ketchup flavoured chips. That's pretty damn awesome.

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You know what else is awesome? These other 30 signs that you're definitely Canadian:

1. You say "sorry" even if you did nothing wrong.

2. A toque is (or once was) a part of your wardrobe.

3. You have no real sense of temperature.

4. Colouring Nunavut was the biggest struggle of your childhood.

5. You sucked at drawing the maple leaf free-hand.

6. It weirds you out whenever you don't see French print on grocery store products.

7. You always have some Canadian Tire money stored somewhere.

8. The imperial system annoys you.

9. You feel inclined get Timmies during Roll-Up The Rim To Win season even if you don't want to.

10. Maple syrup and poutine, in your eyes, are separate food groups themselves.

11. You've been saying "eh" way before Rihanna made it popular.

12. Getting autocorrected for the words "favourite" and "colour" is a frequent occurrence you deal.

13. You know of loonies as dollar coins, not crazy people.

14. Perfectly cutting the corner of a milk bag is a skill you've developed growing up.

15. You say pancakes not hotcakes, pop not soda, and chocolate bars not candy bars.

16. To you, homecoming is more about the parties than the actual football game.

17. You claim Canadian healthcare is free when it technically isn't.

18. Fitting the word "Saskatchewan" on a map of Canada was a challenge.

19. You've worn snow pants to school at least once.

20. At some point, you thought MuchMusic was better than MTV.

21. You agree that Trudeau has "nice hair, though."

22. Carlos from YTV will always be your homie.

23. You can never appreciate money in a form that's not plastic ever again.

24. American Netflix is the only American thing you approve of.

25. You love and hate raccoons at the same time.

26. The Winter Olympics gets you extra patriotic.

27. You never switched the channel so fast in your life when Life With Derek or Naturally Sadie came on.

28. Hockey is a part of your life, even if just in the tiniest way.

29. You don't think you could ever be American.

30. It pleases you that Donald Trump's got nothing on you.

No shade, America... No shade...

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