Toronto is an amazing city. Each street has different sights and sounds. But sometimes, you end up on one street more than others.

Maybe you work there, maybe you live there, or maybe you just really freakin' like it. But have you ever just found yourself always walking down the same damn street over and over? For many of us, that street is probably King St W. There's always something happening there; whether it's running into a familiar place or hitting up the newest restaurant. Just admit it, you spend WAY too much time on King St. Still not sure? See how many of these apply to you:

1. You're broke.

Being awesome on King St ain't cheap...

2. You could literally give tours of King St because you know everything about it.

"On your left is SoMa, home of liquid chocolate shots. And just beside it is a great barre studio where you can work off said chocolate..."

3. The cashier recognizes you at the Spadina LCBO.

You can't help that it's open late and just SO convenient. 

4. You were very distraught when you heard Valdez was closing...


5. But also, totally pumped when you heard BARO was opening.


6. You have a photo in the Fashion House pool.

And it may have been captioned 'I'm all the way up'. Thanks for the inspo Drake.

7. You have pre-drank in Fashion House.

The best place to pre location wise...

8. You have also pre-drank at Thompson Residences

The other best place to pre...Variety is the spice of life, amirite?

9. You know Quantum Coffee is the best place to get work done.

Even though the plugs under the bench are very, very hard to get to.

10. You think $25 is a totally appropriate amount of money to spend on lunch.

And half of that was spent on a drink...because it's always 5 o'clock on King St W.

11. Your arm is covered in stamps from different King St bars at all times.

Locals Only literally gives you a half-sleeve tattoo-sized stamp...but you're not mad.

12. And speaking of bars, you've been to literally every single one...multiple times.

The amount of times you've been to Early Mercy is in the double digits...and it's only been open for year.

13. You have zero fear: you have crossed King St at night, drunk and in heels.

Why did the drunk girl cross the road? Because her Uber was on the other side, DUH.

14. You could go to a typical, cheap nail salon, but instead you go to Her Majesty's Pleasure because you know you deserve it.

'Treat yo self' is a lifestyle.

15. You know the real restaurant gems are often hidden down little brick alleyways.

Buca, Patria, Pizza Libretto...need I say more?

16. You've been drunk af in THAT Pizza Pizza.

You know exactly which one, we don't need to specify.

17. You've also gotten drunk street meat outside of MEC.

...and it was fvcking delicious.

18. You know to avoid the theatre district around 10pm at all costs.

You know you WILL get trampled by people who just finished watching Kinky Boots. 

19. You've totally jammed out to the music blaring from that one gelato shop while walking by.

It's not even a shop per say...more like a window.

20. You desperately want to know more about the abandoned building beside Poutinis.

What is it? Where did it come from? I MUST KNOW!

21. You're really, really broke.

King St living is not forgiving...see what I did there?

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