Canada has been on a search for its own snowbird destination for decades now. Though its targets have been primarily focused on the Turks and Caicos islands, Canada could benefit from acquiring another tourist hub - Iceland.

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A few years ago, a group of Icelanders started a movement called Invite Iceland Inwhich is dedicated to "the legitimate support of Iceland's entry into the Canadian confederation under a home rule arrangement." According to the movement's website, Iceland is currently facing a financial crisis and is hoping that Canada would officially extend an offer to Iceland to join the confederation.

The arrangement would be similar to the one offered to Newfoundland in 1949, when it was taken in as the country's 10th province. The group believes that a home rule arrangement would help "alleviate Iceland's ongoing financial crisis that would otherwise put the country in a position of possible collapse an definite hardship."

The group makes its case for the joining by pointing out Canada as "one of the only countries on the planet that fundamentally respects he concept of home rule albeit in Quebec or recently in Nunavut." They believe that if Iceland was adopted by Canada, it would still be able to exist in the same way it does now, for the most part: "It would fit into the current regional make-up of the country and would retain provincial control over most of its own affairs."

They also think the joining would make sense since there are deep cultural ties between the two countries. Canada has the largest population of people with Icelandic background, as well as a similar system of government and rule of law. It would also be mutually beneficial for both nations, as international business and tourism could increase following a merger.

Though the movement was started a while ago, its Facebook page is still active and currently has 155 members.

Would you like Iceland to be a part of Canada?

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