For many of us internships are a necessary part of college or university.  Starting a new job is always tough, but it's definitely a little more nerve-wracking when you're stepping foot into the actual working world, where a name tag is no longer part of you daily attire.  If you're a Toronto student working away at your internship hours, this list is for you!

1. You're Broke AF.

LOL what is a paycheque???

2. Commuting.

You probably spend most of your mornings on public transit  tripping over your own feet on the GO train.

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3. The only groceries you buy are coffee or K-cups.

Or just skip Metro all together and go to Tims before work.

4. You go home on weekends for one reason:

FREE FOOD.  Food you don't have to cook or buy yourself has never been so appealing.

5. Your parents insist "Its not really a job if you're not getting paid".

But it is something I have to do to graduate, quit throwing shade Mom.

6. Dresscode?

For the first week you were entirely confused with that the hell "business casual" really is.  One guy is in a pant suit and another is in a Hawaiian shirt? SOS, please send help.

7. Your social life is not reaching expectations.

Working in the city for the summer seems like it would only increase the amount you go out, but once you've been downtown all day the last thing you want to do is stay longer than needed.  Netflix and your bed starts to sound very appealing once 5 PM comes around.

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8. After work, you go back to work.

Your internship is likely unpaid, so you need to pick up extra hours at a part time job. Which is likely serving or retail, FUN!

9. You have already lost track of the hours you've worked.

Pretty sure I need 490 hours to graduate, somewhere close to a fvckton.

10. You live for free work swag.

Even if your employer supplies you with a lanyard or a company sticker, you rep that shit.  You also make sure to act really low key about it when its given to you, but within 3 minutes you are showing it off on snap chat.

11. Your Linked In is getting LIT!

You posted that you finally have something close to an adult job, and now your inbox is being filled with random connections.  If only you could get lit up like this on Insta instead.

12. But... You're finally getting your shit together!

Yeah you might be broke, but you are that much closer to being a functioning adult!  Next time your extended family asks, you can finally say you have a somewhat impressive job in the city, and that you're linked to an awesome company! Congrats!

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