The city of Toronto is one of the most poppin' cities in North America and with its poppin' reputation comes the poppin' personalities that the streets of this city has to offer. However, I think we can all agree that not all of us are as 'poppin' as others and these kind of people are known as introverts.

Being an introvert isn't necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes it gets pretty exhausting trying to fit into the busy scene of the 6ix. I, myself, don't completely consider myself a full out introvert seeing as I am loud and outgoing... with a selected few depending on who I'm fully comfortable around. However, involving the circumstances of which I'm put in large groups filled with very accomplished strangers... you could say I'm just a little more awkward than what my friends are used to seeing.

And that's perfectly okay.

Because one solid label, introvert or not, does not 100% define who we are. Everyone is a mixture of introvert and extrovert whether they'd like to admit it or not.

Therefore, speaking up for most introverts in the 6ix, here are a few struggles that Torontonian introverts are used to everyday:

1. The anxiety of speaking up on the TTC.

Who here has ever panicked about not being able to get off the bus/train because the person beside you is blocking your way to the door? You could just say "excuse me" but that requires you to actually talk to another person and I did not sign up for that much social interaction on this 20 minute bus ride.

2. And absolutely hating small talk with the person sitting beside you on the subway.

Do you not see me wearing headphones and staying in my designated personal bubble? Don't start talking to me about my day or about yours because quite frankly you seem like a decent person but I just really don't feel like talking right now-- to anybody.

3. The anxiety of going to a club on King St.

Going to a club is one thing but the clubs on King St. are intense AF. That being said, all that grinding and rubbing does nothing but make me uncomfortable.

"Oh my gawd, you did not just touch me there!"

4. When your group of friends want to go for another round of drinks on Queen St. and you just want to go home.

You see, I could go for  watch everyone have another round of drinks but I'd rather not be the awkward DD and have to take care of everyone-- again. I just want to go home and binge watch Suits on Netflix.

5. But then when you decide to stay home you're constantly suffering from the FOMO.

Just when I think that I got everything I wanted by staying home from all the action, that's just the problem-- all my friends are going to be a part of some action that I won't know anything about.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to admit that I have a date with John Green tonight, but all these snapchats of my friends having fun is making me feel some type of way.

6. Group assignments absolutely exhausting the fvck out of you.

It's bad enough that I've got a shitload of readings to do and a 3 hour lecture that I have to hide from the prof for, but now I've got to converse with a bunch of people I don't want to converse with in order to pass this class. Greatttt.

7. You don't do phone calls--- you always resort to texting.

You need to know where I am? You're lost somewhere along Yonge? Your house is on fire? Oh well, the best way you're going to get a hold of me is via text message because phone anxiety is a real thing fam.

8. Seeing someone you know from one of your classes at the Eaton Centre and doing everything you can to hide from them.

I don't joke around when I say that at one point or another you see everyone at the Eaton Centre. That ex of yours you ended badly with? That cute guy in all your classes that you've never had the nerve to say hi to yet? That one annoying girl in your class that you know is totally going to call you out and make smalltalk when she sees you? Oh yeah, you better believe that you're going to bump into them there and it's going to be painful when there's no way around them and you start talking.

9. Not going to frosh because people.

Ontario universities have some of the most lit AF froshes since time. That being said, as an introvert I'm just not as excited to participate in awkward ice breaking activities and group games as extroverted Emily over there. This is probably the only time that I'd prefer to hang out with my books instead of people... because people.

10. When you think that you're going to a small gathering with a few friends and it turns out to be a huge fvcking event at yet another club.

You fvcking told me that it would just be our squad chilling at Marco's basement. But why tf is everyone from our high school, our university and my damn neighbour here with us at yet another club? Some thrive in large groups while people like me wilt.

11. Tinder/blind dates not usually ending well for you.

People ask me why I'm single all the time and honestly, the only answer I can honestly give you is that I am super awkward around the opposite sex. I try to act cute through our Tinder chat (refer to #7) but the minute we're in person this guy is asking me about myself and I suddenly don't know any other language but chewbacca.

12. Having to deal with the amount of "Are you ok???" simply because you're quiet.

"You look really sad", "what are you thinking about?", "are you mad???"--- no bitch, I'm fine. I'm sorry if I'm not about engaging in useless conversation with you but that does not mean that I have a problem.

13. The anxiety when a sales associate from Aritzia asks how you're doing today.

"Hi, how are you guys doing today? Do you need any assistance today?"--- no bitch, I'm good. I just wanted to look at the clothes I know my minimum wage earning butt can't afford and sit in the changing room in silence while my friend tries on a bunch of clothes her minimum wage earning butt can't afford either. That being said, these price tags give me enough anxiety please don't add to it by constantly trying to talk to me.

14. Quietly suffering really bad service from anywhere else simply because you don't have the balls to complain.

This bitch took 20 minutes to get your order, 45 minutes to get you some damn fries and a salad, and she was a bitch about it all the whole time. But you're not going to call her out on it, and you aren't going to complain about it-- why?

Because that equates to confrontation and you don't do confrontation because you can barely do conversation.

15. When people mistake your normal face for a bitch face.

Going back to #12, being quiet all the time is usually associated with that resting bitch face that you can't help but have. But that is literally just my face. I don't have a problem, I'm not mad, I'm not sad--- this is my face and I can't do anything to fvcking change that.

16. When the squad asks you to hang out and the eternal debate of whether or not to go begins.

Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd-- they want to go again?! Do I go this time or make up some excuse as to why I can't go?

17. Having to explain to your friends for the 100th time that you're not depressed, angry or going through a mental breakdown

... you just need to be alone for more than five fvcking minutes to recharge, is that too much to ask?

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