Hey Sauga residents, yes you! Why else have you ended up on this article? Because clearly you're just too excited to read about all the usual things you enjoy bitching about when it comes to Mississauga. Yes, you love Sauga, I love Sauga, but the fact of the matter is, it's not perfect and that's totally okay! There's still a few things this GTA city needs to work on.

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So here are the things that grind your gears, piss you off, make you want to cry...the struggles if you will, of living in Mississauga:

1. Having people call you out on being from Mississauga.

"You're not ACTUALLY from Toronto though". Ugh fine, I'm from Sauga.

2. Learning how to spell Mississauga.

Grade school was a dark time. 

3. Not having a cool area code, like 416 or 647.

Not from the 6 :(.

4. Going out downtown Toronto can be a huge mission.

Most of your money goes towards Ubers in and out of the city...Sorry, heels and Go Train just don't mix.

5. Running out of spaces on a declaration card when it asks for the name of your city.

|M|I|S|S|I|S|S|A|UGA... ya I give up.

6.  Having to Go Train into the city, missing it and being stranded for half an hour at the station.

And you probably sprinted to the train only to have the doors close right in front of you.

7. Driving on Hurontario St during traffic.


8. Having almost zero nightlife...

...Other than &Co and Sugardaddies .

9. Not having quite the variety of restaurants and dining establishments as Toronto.

What do you mean there isn't a Mississauga Sweet Jesus location?! 

10. Having so many geofilters on Snapchat and most of them being ugly...

No really, did someone make these on Microsoft Paint?

11. Having to constantly explaining to people not from Canada where you are in relatively to Toronto...

"I'm like 10-15 minutes away...but more like an hour in traffic"

12. Making your way around Square One during peak hours.


13. Going up north is just THAT much harder because you have to go through the hell that is 427 and 401.

And then you reach the 400 and can let out a small sigh of relief. 

14. Almost avoiding sporting events all together because you know getting there will be a nightmare.

Sorry Jays, Leafs, and Raptors, but the stands are gonna be a little quieter tonight because I don't feel like being wedged between a bunch of drunk people on the GO train.

15. Having to drive everywhere because public transit is just not a thing in Mississauga.

And what we do have costs even more than the TTC... 

16. Loving Mississauga no matter how hard the struggle is.

Sauga city has your heart. 

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