A prince doesn't always have to come riding in on a horse and live in a castle.  There are different types of guys around Toronto that'll bear similarities to the variety of Disney princes we know and love (or love to hate).

So if you're looking for a prince in Toronto, there's probably many of them around you already. So here are a list of different types of Toronto mans and they are the modern day incarnates of Disney princes. 

via @lucaspottier

1. The Paramedic Mans AKA Prince Florian

So this is the guy that goes around helping every drunk girl in the club. He's a bit of a sweetheart, but he knows that it's an easy way to sweep a girl off her feet and make her his own. Just know you've encountered him when you wake up at his place with a hot water bottle on your head after a wild night of drinking. 

2. The Shy Mans AKA Prince Phillip

He's so shy that he will be waiting across the bar watching you down four tequila shots and then takes that as his opportunity to come over and talk to you. So that way, if you turn him down, you probably won't remember what happened. Nonetheless he's really nice but really shy, so he's different on DMs than he is in person. Also tell him to respect your beauty sleep!

3. The Badmon AKA Aladdin

Okay so this is the guy that has connections all around the city. He's bad when it comes to business but when it comes to the girl he likes he's totally a sucker for love. Pretty common to find in and around the city, definitely the choice if you prefer bad boys. 

4. The Fvckboy AKA Flynn Rider

Okay, so probably the most common prince of them all. He's super hot, and he knows he is which is a huge problem. He complains when you go on dates with him and doesn't want to be seen in pubic with just one girl. 

5. The Shallow Mans AKA Prince Eric

So this is the guy that only goes for looks. She cute? She got them Kylie Jenner lips? It's a doneaz deal then! This is also due to the fact that he's not very smart himself. So what if she can't speak and she's a mermaid? I'll marry her!

6. The Boujie Mans AKA The Beast

The beast is that Toronto mans that slid into your DMs and his Instagram is covered in photos of him at the club with bottle service, while he stunts in his Gucci scarf. He enjoys flaunting his wealth and will only spend it on a girl that'll keep it real. 

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7. The Non Toronto Mans AKA John Smith

This is the guy that's in Toronto, isn't from Toronto and doesn't want to be there. He'd make a great prince to get away with and move to somewhere like Brantford. 

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8. The Fitness Mans AKA Li Shang

Totally a health freak, this is the guy that trains hard, works out all the time, and basically looks like a soldier. The great thing about this prince is that he'll protect you and you'll always feel safe and guarded.

9. The Waste Mans AKA Prince Naveen

Prince Naveen is the guy that would cheat on his girl with someone else so he can get free cover into the club. If you're hard working and raised right, maybe you could be the right person to put him in his place and turn him into a possible prince (if possible!).

10. The Legit Perfect Toronto Mans AKA Prince Charming

This is the guy that is the perfect mix of being a prince. He is handsome, chivalrous and knows to show up to your house prepared with food and wine. They normally are found in the suburbs, but are willing to go anywhere for you. While there is a small number of them out in the city, the other princes eventually reform and become an ultimate Toronto prince. 

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