There's no denying the massive role that so called "influencers" have begun to play. Yet for the past few years, little information has been available regarding the actual earnings of these social media stars. Yesterday, Forbes released their first ever "influencers" list, starting with only three sections: fitness, beauty, and home.

The combined following of the 30 influencers mentioned is a whopping 250 million. According to Forbes, top influencers can earn up to $300,000 just for a video partnership, $187,000 per Facebook post and $150,000 for Instagrams.

While Forbes did not provide actual net worths, the rankings were based on influence and reach, meaning those at the top of the list are likely bringing in the big bucks.


via @zoella

1. @Zoella

Youtuber, Author.

via @michellephan

2. @MichellePhan

Youtuber, Entrepreneur.

via @hudabeauty

3. @HudaBeauty

Youtuber, Blogger, Entrepreneur.

via @nikkietutorials

4. @NikkieTutorials

Youtuber, Makeup Artist.

via @shaaanxo

5. @ShaaanXo

Youtuber, Entrepreneur.

via @jeffreestar

6. @JefreeStar

Youtuber, Entrepreneur


via @kayla_itsines

1. @KaylaItsines

Instagram Influencer, Founder of Sweat with Kayla App.

via @jenselter

2. @JenSelter

Instagram Influencer, Designer.

via @emilyskyefit

3. @EmilySkyeFit

Blogger, Designer.

via @michelle_lewin

4. @Michelle_Lewin

Bodybuilder, Entrepreneur.

via @thebodycoach

5. @TheBodyCoach

Twitter Influencer, Youtuber, Blogger.

via @blogilates

6. @Blogilates

Youtuber, Author, Entrepreneur.

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