Lets face it, it's not easy finding a place to live in Toronto. From crappy landlords, to bed bugs, often times you find yourself looking at dozens of apartments before you finally find a place you can settle for, and even then, you're still probably settling for less than what you had hoped to find. These are just some of the struggles we face when it's time to look for a new place in the city.

1. Having to be on the lookout for bedbugs

Bedbugs are a serious issue in Toronto. They even have a whole website called Bed Bug Reporters that is dedicated to tracking where the bed bugs reside in the city, and just when you feel like you may have found your dream place, you find a report online saying that building was recently infested with bed bugs (or other creepy crawlies).

2. Psycho landlords

Why in the world is there not a screening process for landlords? We have all heard horror stories of landlords who are just a little bit (or a lot) off their rocker. Whether they do things that seem to be against the law, or just have a tendency to get mad at you about everything, finding a good landlord can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

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3. Ridiculously small spaces for a ridiculous amount of money

This is the hardest to deal with when you are moving from out of the city, the minute you step out of Toronto, you suddenly can find, what seems like MASSIVE apartments for the money you are spending. They say money can go a long way, but in Toronto, it hardly goes anywhere.

4. Scams, scams, scams

How many people have you asked to come see the apartment, and had them respond reassuring you that they are legitimate, but living in another country, and can mail you the keys if you transfer them first and last months rent? It's a sad tale when you see an amazing apartment for cheaper than expected and that's the email response you receive. Do people really fall for this?

5. I don't want to live with random roomies

Can't I just find a reasonably priced 1 bedroom apartment? Why do I need to live in a house of randoms?

6. The posting says downtown Toronto but it's actually in Oakville?

The struggles of wanting to live in downtown Toronto, and every listing advertises being in Toronto, then you pull it up on a map and realize it's on the outskirts in Scarborough, Oakville or Hamilton. Do people think I'm going to suddenly be inspired to move to an entirely different area/city!?

7. Beautiful apartment but absolutely no appliances

"Wow, this apartment looks perfect," you think to yourself as you flip through the photos online. Then suddenly you realize something - the photo of the kitchen has 0 appliances in it. As much as you try to convince yourself you can live with only a microwave, you realize, for $900+ a month, it's not worth it.

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8. Bidding wars

The competition is fierce in Toronto for apartments, even for the worst places. You'll find multiple people bidding for the same apartment, whether it's a hole in the wall, piece of junk, or a luxurious place. Be prepared to fight for it!

9. Having no time to process anything because if you wait, it's gone

If you've looked for an apartment in Toronto before, you know that if you find a great place you like, you basically have to decide whether you're moving in, right then and there. There's no time to go home and think about it because otherwise it'll be gone in the blink of an eye.

10. The pictures are photoshopped... or were taken before they destroyed the place

The photos online make this apartment look absolutely perfect, clean and spacious, then you show up to look at it and the paint is peeling off the walls, and you can't help but notice the odd scent coming from the closet.

11. Your constant desire to live alone, but you can't afford it... ever.

The constant want to finally get to live alone when you get up into the age range that seems to be unacceptable to still be rooming with people, yet you can't because you can't afford any 1 bedroom apartments.

12. Landlords that just don't care

Your door doesn't lock anymore? Figure it out. Oh, the laundry machine is leaking water? Hope you have towels! It's a shady business dealing with landlords, and if you're lucky you won't end up with one that couldn't care at all about what happened with the apartment.

Photo cred - thedatereport

13. Having to consider settling for so much less

You just learn to accept the fact that your apartment probably won't meet your basic wants and needs, like windows, a bath tub, or sometimes a full stove and oven, but you learn to deal with it because you simply just give up.

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