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Oh, the TTC. If you use it, you probably have a love-hate relationship with it. I mean, sure, it's what connects you to the rest of the city, but it's also the Land Where Time Stands Still, where delays are a daily problem and the ticker that tells you how long you have to wait is always wrong. But there's another aspect of TTC life that's awful, and it's all the people. On any given day, you're going to interact with a lot of shitty people on your commute. See if you can spot some of your faves in this list!

People who stand on the "walk" side of the escalator

I'm looking at you, Summerhill Station. Just because you don't seem to care when you get to where you're going, doesn't mean the dozens of people behind you have that luxury. It's "walk left, stand right" not "hang out wherever you like and chat with your friends." This isn't your mom's house.

The "I can definitely fit!" People of Bloor-Yonge Station

No, you definitely can't. The amount of times everyone has gotten stuck at the station for way too long because some prick thought they could squeeze into a train or bus that was about to burst is inexcusable. I know it sucks, but there will be another train in 2 minutes. Just breathe.

Union Station Shovers

We get it, you're important. Getting to where you need to be is more valuable to you than being a decent human being. I hope it's worth it.

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People who stand in front of open seats

Seriously, why would you do this? You may not have considered it, but someone else might want to sit down, even if you don't. Take one step to the side and read your National Geographic over there (for some reason, people who do this disproportionately wear tilley hats. I'm not hat-ist, it's just an observation).

People who think they're the only one's getting off at the next stop

This happens all the time on the Bathurst bus. Trying to squeeze past people on a crowded bus or train that's still moving, yelling "EXCUSE ME" is the behaviour of a highly unstable person. No one can let go of the bar yet, because the train is still moving. Please just chill.

People who get on before letting people inside the train get off

This one really upsets me because it's basic subway etiquette. Let them off first so they aren't trapped inside the train. I know you're  desperate to get the perfect spot before anyone else can, but it's really not worth all this silliness. You're definitely going to get on the train, so just wait a second.

People who stand in front of the doors, and don't move when other people want to get off

You made the choice to be moving around constantly when you decided to stand right in front of the door. You don't get to just not do it when you don't feel like it.

Door holders on College Station

These guys are worse than the "I can fit!" people, because they're deliberately fucking everyone else over. If you cared so much about being on the same train as your friend, you should have walked together. You can't just hold the door open and force EVERYONE to wait for their slow ass.

 Photo cred - Jeff Smith

Tupperware eaters

Oh man. People who bring out a packed lunch and start eating it on the train are awful. Especially because you know anything coming out of a Tupperware is going to be pungent. It's never like, a Nutella sandwich. No, it's usually beef stew or some shit like that. No one else needs to smell that, dude.

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People who walk from one end of the train to the other

Are you meeting a friend? I get that it makes sense to be on certain parts of the train depending on what stop you're getting off at, but by walking from one end to the other, you're making sure that you disturb the maximum number of people possible, just so you won't have to walk for an extra minute when you get off. Do you see why that makes no sense?

People who lean on the pole

Bonus points if they do this while other people are still holding the pole. It is not your pole. You do not own it. You can't just rub your entire back and ass against it like you're claiming territory. We're supposed to have outgrown this behaviour as a species.

People who don't give up their seat when a pregnant lady or old person comes in

This is just uncool. Please never be this person.

Subway creeps

Every girl ever has gotten a random wink from some dude sitting across from her on the train, or had a middle aged man sidle up to her on a really packed train car to ask where she's from. This can happen anywhere on the TTC, but for some reason, it seems to be more common on the green line. It's the quickest and easiest way to make your journey 100% more uncomfortable.

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