It is finally summer time in the city. The 6 God & mother nature have joined forces to bless Toronto with some temperatures in the double digits.

As the weather gets warmer, more and more events turn to patios, rooftops and outdoor adventures to celebrate summer and the city.

With the change in seasons, comes a change in routine; going for runs instead of hitting the gym, lying on the beach instead of the couch, and in some cases - switching winter products for summer ones.

Here's what we recommend to put your best self forward this summer '17.

Photo cred - Sephora

1. Gel moisturizers

Because you're sweating more than Jay-Z after he heard Lemonade. Moisturizer is ? to any skin care regime, but the thick creams of seasons past can be doing you more harm than good in the summer. Gel moisturizers quench your skin's thirst, while keeping your oil production below Alberta level.

If you're über oily, First Aid Beauty's Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel is sure to keep you balanced throughout the day without drying your skin out. Bonus: it also doubles as a make-up primer.

Clinique also makes 2 boss oil-free options: the classic Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, and the more flossy, Turnaround Daytime Revitalizing Moisturizer, with a slight shimmer to make you look like you weren't at the bar until last call...again.

Photo cred- Sephora

2. Dab your forehead - not at the club

The only thing that should be shinning is your radiant smile, highlight or personality - definitely not your t-zone. Blotting papers are perfect for mid-day oil control without adding any product to your pretty little face. These anti-bacterial green tea and purifying black charcoal blotting papers from Boscia come with 100 sheets to keep you, your boo, and your friends looking #flawless.

Photo cred - Sephora 

3. UV Protection yo.

This is first, foremost, and should not be forgotten. The great and wise Fergie-ferg once said the one thing she would have told her 17-year old self was to wear sunscreen. SPF & UV/UVB protection is a must when doing anything outside to keep your skin from looking like your leather bag.

This light, oil-free tinted sunscreen from Shiseido evens out your complexion whilst keeping you safe from the sun. It's formula is super light and breathable to keep your face fresh from 9-5.

If you're not looking for any colour, this primer from Laura Mercier  packed with vitamins and SPF30 to keep your make-up - and your skin - in check.

You can layer either of those products under this SPF 20 BB cream from Tarte, which offers great coverage and calming ingredients like chammomile and Amazonian clay, to keep you looking and feeling zen.

4. Deodorant

To share with your friends on the TTC who have obviously never heard of it before :))) I would hope you'd put some on before leaving the house, but summer and sweat have no mercy. It can never hurt to have one in your bag in case you (or a friend!!) needs a little freshening up.

Lavanila is a natural, aluminum free deodorant brand that makes loads of different scents in regular and travel sizes. Pick your favourite, put it in your bag, and worry-not about having to do the not-so-subtle streetcar pit-sniff. Honey, you're good.

5. Rollerball perfumes

Because a little Ke$ha shower is necessary before after-work drinks. A full-sized perfume bottle in your bag is a no-go, but a rollerball takes up no more space than a lipgloss. When you don't have soap and water handy, try this floral scent from Chloé, this sensual sandalwood from Elizabeth and James, or this rich, musky rose aroma by Viktor & Rolf.

6. That bronze doeeee

Everyone knows that summer is all about that Greek-god glow. Whether it's fake or bake, no one has to know.

Speaking of baked, get that warm sun-kissed look without any sun at all with this baked bronzer by Sephora brand. No sparkles or shimmer, just gorgeous, radiant skin. You did not wake up like that - but I won't tell ??

Can't forget about contouring. Gotta shape that face thanks to Sweet Jesus and happy hour on El Furn's patio. Cult classics like Nars Laguna Too Face's Chocolate Soleil, and Benefit's Hoola are sure to chisel away any budding double chins. Eat on, bby.

If you're not sold on the whole bronzed-goddess look, you could always try something a little more blush-toned like Benefit's Dallas. Dallas can be used all over the face to create warmth, without looking red or orange, while still looking bomb when applied to the cheek bones.


Have everyone wonder what kind of green-juice you drank with highlights that gleam in the summer sun. Anastasia's Glow Kit has insane colour payoff with multiple shades and bronzers to choose from, giving you major bang for your buck. Becca's highlighters are also very pigmented, with a wide range for different skin tones - their most popular shades being Opal, and Champagne Pop. Honourable mention also goes out to Benefit's cream highlight, Watts Up!, for a natural, beautiful golden shimmer.

8. Care for that hair

Even if you're nowhere near a beach, it doesn't mean your locks don't deserve a little TLC. Sea salt spray is an easy way to make your hair look textured and effortlessly sexy. Bumble & Bumble has that good good Surf Spray your hair needs.

If you're not on that wave, you could always try out Caviar's CC 10-in-1 Hair Cream for some low maintenance glam. This cream's smoothing, de-frizzing and UV & heat-protectant qualities make it ideal for summer hair care, whether you're heat styling or going au natural.

And of course, dry-shampoo is an all season hair staple that is truly appreciated in these hot summer months. Living Proof and Dry Bar kick grease to curb with these handy travel-friendly sizes.

9. Tinted lip-balm

Ain't nobody got time for lipstick smudges. Summer is all about fresh, easy make-up that looks and feels effortless. Fresh has you covered with their Sugar Lip Treatment, with tons of shades and a sweet taste that'll keep you - and others ? - licking your lips. Have to mention Clinique Chubby Sticks too; with great colour pay-off and a creamy formula, there's a reason everyone & their mom has one in their beauty bag.

10. Water-proof mascara

Because you never know where you'll end up on a summer night out - casual drinks at William's Landing could end being a night swim on the Thompson rooftop. You - or your mascara - can't be caught slipping. Tarte's Lights, Camera, Splashes! is ready for glam, in or out of water.

11. Set it & forget it

There's nothing worse than applying bomb make-up only to have it melt away by the end of your pre-game. Lock in your masterpiece with translucent powders like Make-Up Forever's HD Microfinish and Laura Mercier's Invisible Loose Setting Powder. For extra insurance, you could always spray your face with hydrating setting sprays like Urban Decay's All Nighter, or Smashbox's Photo Finish Priming Water. Go ahead, take a selfie in your Uber home, I dare you.

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