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"You can't understand a city without using it's public transportation system." Erol Ozan

While the TTC isn't the key to understanding everything about Toronto, it can explain why some of us (okay, all of us) are late from time to time.

There you are, minding your own business, on your way to a really important job interview/medical procedure/funeral when it happens.


1. Confusion

"Ah, ladies and gentlemen we are currently experiencing a delay at ___ station. Shuttle buses will be operating. We apologize for the inconvenience " ARE YOU REALLY SORRY?! BECAUSE IT DOESN'T SOUND LIKE YOU ARE.


2. Frustration

The delay is on my line? Excellent. Goodbye plans.


3. Rage

MOVE IT PEOPLE! I'm just trying to get to the shuttle bus and everyone feels the need to rub up on me!

4. Boredom

A convoy of shuttle buses trying to get down Young Street on a Saturday afternoon, yeah, that sounds like it'll be quick.


5. Impatience

An entire kindergarten class and 10 moms pushing boat-sized baby strollers are all getting on at the same bus - shoot me now...please?


6. Vindictiveness AKA 'Twitter Rage'

This is the cleverest, most scathing Tweet ever written! The TTC is going to feel so bad about ruining my day. #TTCproblems #TTCfail


7. Bitterness

Almost 16% of the city of Toronto's budget goes to funding the TTC. And for what? Soviet Russia probably had better public transit.


8. Resignation

Oh man, taking a cab would be relaxing and convenient - too bad! Poverty means TTC for life.

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