Homecoming: Debatably, the Christmas Season of Queen’s University. Pat on the back for making it through your lack of a reading week midterm szn, but we all know that that didn’t go without a few nights at Stages or Ale.

It’s a hard toss-up between whether or not HoCo or St. Patty’s takes the cake. Then you remember (or not) that either way, you’re about to go hard in the paint. With that said, you’ll definitely run into these classic beauts along the way:

Photo Cred- Stuart Baker

1. The "been drankin' since 8am in the ghetto" benders

...I mean, in the "University District." Guaranteed, morning of HoCo the streets will be filled with hardcore rowdiness. Pancake keggers, roasts, it's a wonderful time. Don't count on these alcohol stars to make an appearance at the game-- the liquor nap will definitely hit around 2pm. Red solo cups, red eyes, and a sea of tricolour.

Photo Cred- Studio Q

2. The Jacket Slammers

The HoCo half time show is nothing without the rush. Literally. Just a mad rush and a cloud of gentian purple trying to be the “last man standing.” The Eng jacket slamming tradition is something you’re definitely not going to miss out on.

Photo Cred: Studio Q

3. The Heckler

What’s a game and beer without some rowdy chirps? The Heckler will be seen front row at the game, with tricolour probably painted all over his or her body. Yelling about how, “we all got into Mac” or “Wuck Festern” jeers, make sure you don’t get in the path of the heckler. Especially when they’re at their drunkest.

Photo Cred- Jeff Chan

4. The Army of Plaid

Shout out when hollers of “We Love Queen’s Bands” come out. You’re definitely going to encounter at least one or two kilts during HoCo as the bands do their standard march down to Richardson Stadium. And anyone who’s anyone knows that their lively spirit and rowdy nature makes them more than just your average squad.

Photo Cred- Alexandra Kopij

5. The HoCo Baes

Aka, basically, all the chicks at QU. Something about the babes at Queen's-- they always seem to achieve #WGW status while still successfully uploading a stellar and fun instagram post. When it comes to HoCo, the pops of red, yellow, and blue make 'em look all the more fab. Be sure to check out those 126 second snapstories.

Photo Cred- Studio Q

6. The Legendary Alum

Nothin' sicker than welcoming back some of our veteran party stars. Best part is when you get to chat with them and realize they're still just as rowdy as you are. When the alum come around, you know HoCo is complete.

Photo Cred- Giphy

7. ...The Sketchy Alum.

The ones you see and secretly think... "Didn't you graduate like 5 years ago, why are you at every game?" Whether they're yelling obnoxious slurs (that you're way too sober to handle), or creepin' up and trying to hit on all the frosh, they really have no boundaries.

Photo Cred- Studio Q

8. The Future Gael

Babies. Cute, tricolour swagged out babies. Everywhere. Not suggesting they have a predetermined future at the greatest university there is, but... if the shoe fits.

Photo Cred- Studio Q

9. The Boyz Gettin' Swole

Then of course there's the star attraction, the Queen's Golden Gaels. Cheering them on at the game gets everyone amped. Whether they win or lose they know they got that sea of tricolour behind them.

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