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Remember startups? They're everywhere. In Toronto, they've essentially become the new "I DJ on the side", but with less hipster sarcasm and more of a focus on the future. They've also become a leading source for jobs and creative spaces so they're not really anything to scoff at (we're looking at you Apple). From mobile apps to burgers-on-the-go, these are the Best Toronto Startups Of 2014.


The photography sharing website/app has pretty much become a watering hole for visual artists, but it hasn't stopped the startup from moving forward with new technology. 500px's free iOS app is now equipped with manual camera controls and an Adobe-powered editor that manages aspects such as exposure and noise, and even ports images from Adobe Lightroom's mobile service.


AWAC - also known as Automated Web Access Coupling - was built by the media department at the Toronto Star and its purpose is to allow photographers to post photos directly to live blogs. The DSLR attachment is still in the works but when it comes to journalism and new media, it's a revolutionary piece of tech. Especially since newsies were publishing 8MP photos just six years ago.

Bitmaker Labs

Toronto's Bitmaker Labs is solely responsible for Canada's coding school war, but they're still at the top due to efficiency. The crew at BL has graduated more than 220 coders through their full-time/part-time courses and former students of the "web development bootcamp" have even gone on to obtain positions with IBM, Telus, Hootsuite, Chango, and Shopify.

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Figure 1

Plain and simple, Figure 1 is an app that was made by doctors for doctors. In case you need more information, it's a free photo sharing app that allows health professionals to safely share images to the medical world so they can extract opinions and debates, and provide an accurate diagnosis.


Toronto's stacked with all sorts of food delivery services (Just Eat, OrderIt, TasteAway), but Hurrier is a complete 360 from your usual click-to-eat outlet. Rather than appeal to the big chains, founder/CEO Adam Hasham decided to pay attention to local restos so 416-ers could feed the office with trending grub fare. The service is a bit on the pricy side, but is there anything better than getting Banh Mi Boys or Salad King via bike courier?


Bionym's Nymi is a wearable band for your wrist that's designed to read your unique heart rhythm to authenticate your identity. It has Minority Report written all over it, but it could possible be the greatest hands-free gadget known to man as it automatically connects to your everyday devices via Bluetooth Low Energy. The best part: you don't know passwords for where you're going.

Revelo Electric

Founded and engineered by Henry Chong, Revelo Electric has become one of the top specialists for electric bikes. His idea for the project stemmed from an undergraduate thesis project and though it's still working out some finishing touches, it's headed for success. The LE-1 is a product that's sleek, durable, and a source of inspiration for urbanites that want to improve their "personal mobility".


Ignore the hate - counting calories can help one achieve a number of fitness goals and Tellspec is here to make the process easier. Founder/CEO Isabel Hoffman created a handheld device that uses Texas Instruments' DLP technology to scan your food and detect all the nutritional info you need. It's no Jenny Craig, but in this day and age, it's better.

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Vanhawks' leading design, the Valour, may not be a hovercraft but it's a close bet (if you're a biking enthusiast). The stylish street cycle aims to connect on a city level by being a safer way to commute with its smart carbon fibre frame, blind-spot detection, and turn-by-turn navigation.


Whirlscape may be entering a field that's crowded by a million and one kickstarters, but their mobile keyboard app is a leading piece of innovation. The Minuum Keyboard is designed to give users "a faster, smarter typing experience" and it does so by adjusting to your typing styles and preferences over time. It's a small advance forward for tech, but if you're a text junkie, it's 100% necessary.

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