TIFF, is known for a lot of things. The movies, the stars and the crowds of fans that accompany them.  Stargazing is a must for any festivalgoer. I mean, who wouldn't want to go see Ryan Reynolds in the flesh?

TIFF is a massive festival with more events, films, and people than you’ll know what to do with. It helps to know as much as possible before setting out on your celebrity stalking missions and movie viewings.

Here’s what to do and not to do at TIFF this year:

Do get there early to get a spot at the front.

One of the first rules of stargazing at TIFF is the age old proverb... you snooze you lose. Get there early and earn that place at the front. Chances are those people at the front have been there for hours. They got up with the sun and came to win. They will get those autographs, so don't even think about trying to push past them.  The true fans camp out all day.

Don't push people to get to the front.

You may think you can push your way to the front, but you can't. Be respectful of others, especially those who took the time to come early to secure a spot. All pushing through the crowd is going to do is get you pushed right back.

Do come prepared with autograph materials.

Print out head shots, stock up on sharpies, bring your autograph book that you've filled with celeb's signatures. Come prepared just in case you get lucky and snag an autograph. Charge up that iphone for selfies too!

Don’t try to get people to sign your body parts.

Just no. Ryan Reynolds doesn’t want to sign your chest. Be a normal person and bring some paper and a pen. Like a picture, it’ll last longer.

Don’t promote yourself to people.

No one cares if you're an "actor" or think you have a pitch that will be the next 'Orange Is The New Black'.  Don't promote yourself or your work at TIFF.

Do actually see the films.

Get information about the films, the content, the directors etc. TIFF is about the films, not just the stars. Take some time to actually go see a movie. It’s a film festival for a reason. There are amazing films from all around the world for you to enjoy. Take advantage!

Don’t talk during the films.

No one likes a Sally Soundtrack. Shut up please. There is nothing worse than a running commentary during a movie. Please take all of your conversations else where.

Do, research and plan out your TIFF Schedule and premieres.

During TIFF there are tons of premieres, parties, red carpets and events that the stars attend. Do your homework. Research where the stars will be and when. Planning is crucial in squeezing in as much TIFF action as you can.

 Do get creative with your celebrity stalking.

Too short to see over the crowd? Get above them all and bring a step stool with you. Forgot paper for autographs? Have them sign your phone case. TIFF is what you make it! Have the best time ever by using your imagination!

Don’t be an annoying fangirl.

You know who you are. Shrieking the second any one who looks like they could possibly be the tiniest bit famous exits a car, coming dressed in clothing covered in Ryan gosling’s face, and pushing your way to the front. Everyone else wants to have a good time and see their faves as much as you do. Don’t ruin it for other people with your screaming and inconsiderate behavior.

 Do make signs to grab your celebrity crush’s attention.

Actions speak louder than words, or in this case massive signs made of neon green Bristol board and glitter speak louder than words. Capture Julianne Moore’s attention, with a homemade sign.

Don’t try to grab celebrities.

We all remember when a fan nearly pulled Ariana Grande off the stage during her concert. Don’t try and pull celebrities. With all those people and those heavy metal barricades, that’s just asking for trouble. Respect their personal space and keep your hands off.

Do buy your tickets in advance.

Yes, you can always join the massive rush lines, but that’s not a guarantee. If there’s a movie you’re dying to see, buy your tickets in advance! Tickets go on sale well before the day of the show and are the only way to be certain you get into your film of choice.

Do make some friends at TIFF!

Talk to everyone! Everyone at TIFF seems to have a cool story to tell. Maybe they’ve been coming to TIFF every year for the past 20 years or maybe they’re an aspiring filmmaker! Get to know your fellow fans!

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