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Whether it’s coming back from summer or winter break, a Ryerson student’s semester generally follows the same path: an emotional journey that you can’t believe you voluntarily signed up for. The worst part is, soon as you think it’s done, it starts all over again.

1. A few days before the first day back to school

You’ve got new pens, a newly organized desktop, and a positive outlook on the coming semester. You tell yourself: “This time around, I’ll actually do my readings.”

2. The night before your first class

You double-check Blackboard to see if your professors have posted their syllabi yet. The answer is no, they haven’t. Your course isn’t even on there. You panic and try to remember if you actually did course intentions.

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3. Week 1

You finally get to your first classes and as the professors go over the course outlines you wonder what the minimum number of courses you can take before not qualifying to be full-time student because you thought these were supposed to be bird courses and since when was there two essays and an exam and how did this happen?

4. First assignment

The first group project is assigned and you feel optimistic and hopeful that your group members will actually pull their own weight. You are sorely disappointed.

5. Desperation starts to creep

You start counting down to reading week and it seems so far away.

6. But first, reality hits

The realization that before you can get to the sweet release of reading week, you have to get through midterms – whether it’s all (are you kidding me?), half (so your relaxation is bookended by stress), or none (because your profs decided you have to study through your break).

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7. What was reading week even?

Reading week passes by in a blink and you telling yourself that you’d “get ahead” in your readings or assignments didn’t take Netflix into account.

8. Post-midterm party!

Midterms are finally done and you get to go out to celebrate because you deserve it!

9. Reality hits again

Coming back from celebrations, you suddenly realize that you actually needed to start studying/final projects during midterms.

10. On the grind

You take up a coffee addiction, try to organize yourself back to calm, and give up sleep for the next four weeks.

11. Literally crawling towards the end

The walls are moving and you can taste colours. You haven’t slept in 72 hours and you have two papers and a presentation due the next day. The last meal you’ve had was sliced bread with mayo on it.

12. The final week...

It’s the last week of classes and you’ve finished all your assignments, reports, and presentations but the shadow of exams are following you, looming like a dark cloud.

13. ...Except for exam week

What is sleep? You study for hours on end – and by study, you mean get obsessed with and binge watch Friends.

14. Exam day

You walk into your exams. Which course is this even for? Is this History or Marketing? Wait… that guy’s in Urban Planning… I’m not in any Urban Planning classes…

15. Last exam of the semester

After handing in your last exam, you walk out of those doors feeling like a million bucks – because no matter what happens with that test, you tackled this semester and you’re ready for the next one!

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16. You made it!


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