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Today, Mayor John Tory announced some changes that the TTC will be undergoing in the near future. While it's great that this mayor has chosen to be proactive about transportation issues, these changes really don't go far enough, and commuting is going to be just as big of a pain in the ass as ever, especially for students, who are often completely dependent on the TTC to get around.

The thing is, the TTC's general structure is pretty okay. It wouldn't take that much to see significant improvements. Delays and traffic jams aside, one of the biggest accessibility problems out system has is its cost. So here's what I propose:

The Smart Card System

Many subway systems around the world have started offering more flexible options for consumers. Instead of having to buy a one-off monthly pass, they offer a standard pass that you can reload whenever you want with as many trips as you need. Here are some of the ways in which this would make life better for broke students:

No more overpriced metropasses

Imagine only paying for the number of trips you need to take, instead of needing to use the ttc all the time to justify the price of your expensive metropass?

No more worrying about tokens

Tokens are tiny and weird. They're easy to lose, and there's no natural place to put them. This whole system would do away with tokens entirely, and let technology keep track of how many rides you have left.

Enough said.

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