With back to school, comes course selection, the bane of every students existence. Every year is the same. You get up ridiculously early, log on to RAMSS and try to get into all of your classes, only to find that they're all full... for the third year in a row. Why do we even do course intentions if we never get the courses we intended to take?

You have no choice but to fight to the death to get into the classes you want. People have even been known to resort to bribery and begging. Egerton Ryerson would not be impressed. It goes like this:

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Begrudgingly, you wake up at the ungodly hour of 6am to select your courses.

Who thought 6 am was an appropriate time? Don't they know it's summer? You struggle to keep your eyes open long enough to get stuff done, like you do in 8 AM intro to non-fiction lectures in the AMC.  It's pretty much impossible to stay awake. Why do those movie theatre seats have to be so comfy?

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Optimistic and excited, you log on to RAMMS.

This year WILL be the year you get all of your courses! The RAMSS gods are on your side today! You are practically glowing blue and gold.

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Why is this page loading so slow?

Is it my computer? Nope. Just RAMSS moving as slow as tourists walking down Yonge street.

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Finally it loads. All you see is little grey boxes.

So. Many. Grey. Boxes.

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You look at the clock. It's 6:01. How could they possibly be full already?

This cannot be real. Even Alternative Energies? How could that be full too?

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You check your phone. Your group chat is blowing up with all of your friends excitedly bragging that they got all of their courses.

So not fair. You have the worst luck. Is it too late to switch programs? Fashion communications seems interesting. Maybe I'll have better luck there.

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You scroll through other courses trying to find a Table A. Maybe Chinese music will be interesting?

You are still holding onto that tiny glimmer of hope. Fake a smile. Just choose something else. It'll all be okay.  You love french fries, maybe you'll like french class too?

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How could that possibly be full too?!

You've got to be kidding me. That's cool, I'll just spend the rest of the year hanging out in the SLC. Taking Instagram pictures in the SLC is the main reason I come to school anyways.

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Your Facebook and twitter are quickly filling up with angry tweets and statuses.

Obviously you need to write one of your own, to add to the RAMSS hate. #ryersonproblems

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You go back on RAMSS and see that one of the courses you want has just opened up!

IT'S MINE. No one take it. I call dibs! I have been meticulously planning my career path since first year. There is absolutely no way I'll ever become a journalist unless I take popular culture. Besides, apparently it's a bird course.

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You scramble to enrol in at least one class you actually want.

Can't this page load any faster? YES! Got into geography of Toronto! Hello easy A.

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GOT IN! One down...only five to go.

Okay, I got into one class. I'm not a complete failure. It's perfectly fine if I'm only enrolled in one class. More for extracurriculars! Maybe I'll join the RSU!

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Disappointed and defeated, you retreat to bed.

If you can't get into your classes, you might as well go back to sleep. You need to rest up before Gracie's tonight anyways!

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Oh well, See you next semester RAMSS.

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