So you work in the city but you live in the ninth circle of hell…we mean the GTA. You’re in your 20's, finally found a stable job that you enjoy, and there’s nothing you want more than to prove yourself at work. Except, that’s hard to do because you need to catch that GO train back home with your parents - all the way back to Barrie.

We feel for you, because we too know what it’s like to live and work in different cities. And because we understand your plight, we’ve compiled all the worst things about it so the next time someone asks why you look so tired or why you can’t go out for after work drinks, just send them this.

Photo cred- Found Locally

1. The Long Ride Home

Tired after a busy day at the office? Well at least now you can crash onto your bed and enjoy a well-deserved nap! That’s after the hour and a half commute you have ahead of you to get back to the ‘burbs. Sure, you can catch up on some sleep on the ride there (if you’re not driving of course—narcolepsy isn’t cute when you’re at the wheel), but those uncomfortable, cramped GO train seats aren’t the best for sleeping. The mornings fare no better when you have to wake up hours earlier than those who don’t commute. By the time you get to work you’ve already been up for 4 hours which sometimes causes you to ask “is it lunchtime yet?” right as you walk through the doors.

Photo cred- Stuffpoint

2. The Fun Stuff You Miss Out On After Work

After-work drinks or company tickets to a baseball game? That sounds like fun! But as you’re doing the math in your head to see when you’d actually get home, you’re already tired and will have to bail. You begin to question if any after-work activity is worth getting home late and catching less than six hours of sleep. You'll fall into the pattern of the Pickering hermit, rarely emerging from your cave, squinting as the sunlight hits your eyes. It's great.

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3. The Commuting Expenses

You may say Toronto rent is expensive (and it is, we’re not disputing that…insert “the rent is too damn high meme” here), but commuting can cost you almost as much as a mediocre apartment in the East end. We’d rather have a few roommates and a shorter commute time for a minimal price difference.

Photo cred- Christiaan Hemerik Flickr

4. The Boring Views To And From Home

When you live in the suburbs, the commute in and out of the city isn’t that interesting. You’re either looking at the highway or the backs of houses and condos. Once, twice, maybe three times you see some interesting graffiti. However, when you see the same “Make love, not war” tag for the trillionth time, you’ll consider it exciting when you notice the little things, like how that old couple re-shingled their roof or..."did that poodle get a haircut? It looks good on him."

Photo cred- NYU Local

5. The Relationships You Could Be Making

You’re tired, cranky, and bored with the lack of things to do in the suburbs but you just can’t make it out to all the fun company-sponsored/co-worker events. While Bob and Sally are out enjoying themselves at a patio restaurant after a long day, you’re putting on your night cream and saddling into bed. Soon you start dreaming that Bob and Sally are inviting everyone out and they all get along fantastically. They’re wearing flapper dresses and dapper suits while sipping cosmos and eating cute little appéritifs. Now they’re getting huge promotions and making multi-million dollar deals THAT YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON because you’re out in Ajax FLOSSING, about to lie down to watch Family Matters before going to bed.

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