Ah, 2016. It was a year of many ups and downs, and I'm sure many of us won't miss it once it's gone.

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Toronto itself had a pretty crazy year. Here are the top 30 things that happened in Toronto in 2016:

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Blue Jays fan throws a beer can into a live game

Rihanna and Drake took a secret selfie in front of the CN Tower

A kid stole his parents' car and drove on the 401 after playing GTA

A car ended up on TTC subway tracks

Photo cred - Calvin Tong

A Poop Cafe actually opened in the city

A random man floated to Canada on an air mattress

The CNE said “IDGAF” with these gender neutral bathroom signs

A fence was erected at Jack Layton Ferry Terminal because of Pokemon GO

New walk-in clinics for mental health opened in Toronto

Photo cred - 7-themes

The #DeadWhiteSquirrelTO tragedy occurred

Capybaras made a savage escape from the High Park Zoo

Justin Trudeau became the first PM to march in Toronto’s Pride Parade

Justin Trudeau donated $800 to AIDS research

Uber became officially legalized in Toronto

Photo cred - bora.vs.bora

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became a thing

More than 40 pedestrians have been killed from being struck by vehicles

Fashion Santa got replaced

Taxi drivers went wild in protests over Uber

Friends and Seinfeld Cafe pop-ups got cancelled

Photo cred - susie-nyc

Woman jumped into tiger pen at Toronto Zoo

Another heartbreaking raccoon death

Fire at the “Backstage at the Esplanade” condo in downtown Toronto

Mysterious rooftop ice rink appears in Toronto

Toronto City Council approves Gardiner and DVP tolls

Photo cred - info.51

Pokemon GO player gets fined for playing on TTC tracks

Guy eats a burger a day

Kim Kardashian visits Yorkville and causes a ruckus

Toronto becomes colder than Mars

Hookah gets banned across the city

Photo cred - hooka hooka

The entire Jian Ghomeshi verdict mess

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