If you've never done a scavenger hunt, you're seriously missing out.

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When I was in high school, the grads would always have a scavenger with different teams where the aim of the game was to see which team could find the most amount of things on the list in a certain amount of time. The winning team got a cash prize that the losing teams pitched on, so it was a pretty sweet deal. But even without a prize, a scavenger of the city will help you explore and find the hidden gems in Toronto.

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1.  The 'Hug Me' tree

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2.  "This Is Paradise" wall

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 5. This hidden noen sign

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4. This colossal burger

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5. This abstract statue

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6. This secret bar that requires a password

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 7. This sassy street art.

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8. Funny man Jim Carrey's star on Canada's walk of fame

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9. This perfectly pink house

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10. This extra 'green' car

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11. This super funky drink

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12. This very truthful sign

via @dianaasmith

13. This majestic statue

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