Now a days, sexuality is becoming more and more fluid, with celebs like Miley Cyrus or Caitlyn Jenner breaking down societal norms and showing us that not everything is so black and white.

This is why it's to no surprise that according to a new study, conducted by the University of Essex, most women could be either bisexual or gay. Dr Gerulf Rieger, from the university's   Department of Psychology, showed women videos of both attractive men and attractive women, before analyzing whether they became aroused using benchmarks such as whether their pupils dilated.

345 women were "tested" and results found that  74% of them were significantly sexually aroused by both videos. "Even though the majority of women identify as straight, our research clearly demonstrates that when it comes to what turns them on, they are either bisexual or gay, but never straight," stated Rieger.

With this being said, it now makes sense why I follow so many Australian bikini models on Instagram...

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