Is there anything worse than long, boring layovers? Being cooped up in a stuffy airport with only overpriced sandwiches and magazines to keep you company?

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To help combat those jetsetter blues, many airports have begun to offer mini "city tours" to travellers with time to kill between flights. Next time you're planning a long trip, consider choosing these as one of your stopover destinations, as posted by CN Traveler. 

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If you have over 8 hours in transit at Taipei, you can go on one of two free city tours. One goes to Zushih Temple and the other to all the main tourist destinations in Taipei. 

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For visitors with at least six hours to spare, the Singapore offers 2 free tours: one to all the main tourist stops, and one for the designated heritage sites. 

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Salt Lake City 

Considering Salt Lake City is a hub for travel, it makes sense that a lot of connecting flights end up in the Utah capital. If you have 2 hours to spare, you can get a free tour of the Temple Square. 

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If you have more than 6 hours between flights, take advantage of the "tourististanbul" program, a layover services that provides a quick tour of the city's main landmarks. 

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There are two options for layovers in Tokyo: sightseeing or shopping. For sightseeing, a guide will take you on a cultural tour, on a forest walk, or to a museum. If you're more into retail therapy, you can shop at the several malls accessible from the airport by train.  

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Seoul offers layover options for almost all lengths, with tours for under an hour and up to five hours. Tours in the Incheon Airport are either temple focused or city-focused, all free.

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