Rachel McAdams... How do I even begin to explain Rachel McAdams? I'm not so sure if she owns two Fendi purses and a silver Lexus, or if she does car commercials in Japan, but she's definitely flawless. She's also 100% Canadian, born and bred, and one of Hollywood's most talented and humble actresses.

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Speaking of humble, Rachel McAdams is a total cycling advocate. In fact, cycling seems to be her primary form of transportation for getting around, whether in LA or Toronto. She's even said before that she doesn't even own a car and that it was just one way that she lives green.

 She's been spotted riding her basketed two-wheeler around the city on several occasions; most times in plain clothes but sometimes in a fancy dress and high heels.

Past, high-frequency sightings of the A-list actress include: the Annex, the Don Valley pedestrian path, Evergreen Brickworks Kensington Market, Queen's Park, and King St (during TIFF).

Maybe one of these days you'll casually run into her! 

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