Only a lucky few in this world are fortunate enough to live an extravagant lifestyle. In Toronto, some of the wealthiest people are merely teens, or young adults! And just like the rest of us, they too indulge in social media.

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For most people, browsing through their Instagram accounts is like entering an unfamiliar world of luxury and glamour. Here are some of the richest and coolest kids in Toronto:

Adam Moryto


Age: 25

Heir to: Ludmila Strapec of Ram Forest Products Inc.

Lives in: Toronto

Occupation: Actor and model

Blair Bitove


Age: 22

Heir to: John Bitove, Founder of Sirius XM Canada

Lives in: Toronto, L.A.

Occupation: Student (University of Southern California)

Brett Bitove

@brettbitove (Right in image above)

Age: 24

Heir to: John Bitove, Founder of Sirius XM Canada

Lives in: Chicago

Occupation: Student (Loyola University)

Jenna Naumovich


Age: 30

Heir to: Vonna Bitove, executive director of the Bitove Foundation

Lives in: Toronto

Occupation: Stylist (The Room)

Chloe Rogers


Age: 17

Heir to: Edward Rogers, Deputy Chair of Rogers Communications

Lives in: London, Toronto

Occupation: Model

Frank Walker

@frankwalkermusic (Private)

Age: 23

Heir to: Donald Walker, CEO of Magna International

Lives in: Toronto

Occupation: DJ and Music Producer

Photo cred - lfp

Nikki Walker

@nikkiwalker4 (Left in image above)

Age: 21

Heir to: Donald Walker, CEO of Magna International

Lives in: Aurora, ON

Occupation: Competitive Equestrian, Student (University of Waterloo)

Tessa Thomson

@tessathomson (Private)

Age: 21

Heir to: David Thomson, Chairman of Thomson Reuters

Lives in: Miami

Occupation: Student (University of Miami)

Julian DeGasperis

@yourbuddyjules (Private)

Age: 30

Heir to: Jim DeGasperis, President of Con-Strada Construction

Lives in: Toronto

Occupation: Real Estate Salesman

Rachel Dunford


Age: 22

Heir to: Stan and Eva Dunford, Founders of the Boots and Hearts Music Festival

Lives in: Toronto

Occupation: Western University alumni

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