Canadians have a love and hate relationship with snow. The first snow fall is always so exciting because it's a start to a winter wonderland season, but once all the festivities are over and freezing cold January is on its way, we can't wait for it to be spring.

A couple of places have already been hit with some major snowfalls in Canada. How could we miss this magical moment? Of course we found some breathtaking photos online of snow and Canadians embracing the beginning of winter in different parts of our country:

via @alliblair7

1. Arva, Ontario.

via @earthpix

via @greyiscee

via @aroundingworld1

2. Banff, Alberta.

via @reach_for_the_stars27

3. North Stormont, Ontario

via @marieantoinette19

via @ubishopsalumni

4. Lennoxville, Quebec

via @elleg2

via @gretelbarreras

5. Mont Tremblant, Quebec

via @marcjamesco

via @skibigwhite

6. Kelowna, British Columbia

via @stillcoveyoga

7. Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba

via @queensuniversity

via @kingston_on

8. Kingston, Ontario

via @kaijisun

via @melissabourdages

9. Ottawa, Ontario

via @undefined" class="lml-instagram-embed-2" />via @undefined

via @zebangxu

10. Gatineau, Quebec

via @ronychidiac

via @ronychidiac

11. Montreal, Quebec

via @mack.hamilton

12. King City, Ontario

via @jolenesphine14

via @veronica.lp

13. Winnipeg, Manitoba

via @jeffdickie

14. Caledon, Ontario

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