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Despite the fact that everyone hates the TTC, it's often the only way you can get around this massive city. So you use it every day, and you notice that you make the same complaints over and over again. It doesn't matter if you're saying them to your friend, or to a stranger, the person you're talking to has heard these complaints before, and they totally get it.

1. "Gross, what's that brown stuff?"

Best case scenario: it's blood.

2. "Sorry, I'm gonna be late. My train's stuck at Summerhill station."

I don't know what it is about Summerhill.

3. "We could try and take the 61, but if we miss it, we're stuck at Eglinton station for half an hour."

And half the time, it's not even running.

Photo cred - Kevin Zolkiewicz

4. "Those people are walking faster than this streetcar is moving."

Oh, Dundas.

5. "Oh shit, it's someone from work. Stand in front of me before he sees me!"

Let's just get off a few stops early.

6. "How long till the next streetcar? Fuck it, let's take a cab."

I'd rather be sleeping in 45 minutes then still out in the cold on College.

7. "Crap. It's that creepy dude who's always on the Bloor bus trying to grab women's asses. Should we just walk?"

The driver's always good about warning everyone though.

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