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Growing up in North York is a unique experience, unlike any other in Toronto. North York is a strange place. Its changed a lot in the last 20 years, so if you grew up there, coming back sometimes feels like seeing an old friend with a weird new haircut. Despite all the transformations, there are some North York childhood experiences that are universal

1. Trips to Yorkdale Mall were a regular part of your week

Oh Yorkdale mall. Infinitely better than the North York Centre, but still extremely boring. How did you waste so many Saturdays there?

2. You know how to make your own fun

A North York childhood can be pretty boring, which is what makes us so imaginative. Whether it was hanging tire swings off of trees in the park, or spending hours on end trying new looks on each other at the makeup counter at Sephora, you knew how to keep yourselves entertained.

3. Going to Yonge and Eg was your idea of a fun night out with your friends

Yonge and Eg was as close to a night on the town as a lot of North York girls got until high school. Now that you're grown up, you're amazed at how small that area is, and how excited you were to go to it.

4. You can get anywhere on a bus

Getting around up there can feel like stumbling threw a maze if you're new to it, but girls who grew up in North York have been riding the bus by themselves since they were 8 years old, and will always be better at it than you.

5. All North York girls have seen some weirdos in their day

I don't know what it is about that area, but it attracted some of the strangest grown ups ever. If they weren't walking down the street with snakes wrapped around their necks, they were setting trees on fire at the local park. North York girls just shrug that shit off.

6. You know your Lebanese food like woah

You are who your friends go to when they need a good Lebanese restaurant recommendation, because they know you grew up around some of the best Lebanese food in the city.

7. You left North York the second you got the chance...

You spent your whole childhood dreaming about moving downtown, so you could actually feel like you live in a big city.

8. But ever time you come back, you get warm, fuzzy feelings

Despite this, you still love coming home every once in a while, and riding the train back up past Lawrence makes you feel all nostalgic and shit.

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