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If you've just moved to Toronto, you're going to say and do some silly things for a while. Things that you will not realize are silly until you've lived here a little longer and realize just how ridiculous you sounded. Your friends are probably going to get pretty sick of you doing these things, so to help them and you out, here's a list of the most annoying ones.

1. Making jokes about Rob Ford

So stale, move on with your lives.

2. Trying to get you to go out during the week

It's just not done.

3. Trying to introduce you to "new" bars they just discovered

The Red Room has been around for ages, brah.

Photo cred - CLLC

4. Asking you to go to Casa Loma with them

Cute at first, but eventually it just gets annoying.

5. Talking about how cool the CN Tower is

It is seriously not that special.

6. Not knowing what dim sum is

Welcome to Toronto, home of the best dumplings west of China

7. Trying to spot Justin Bieber

He does not live here. He's not even from here. And he's the worst.

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