Every city  their unique phrases that are totally universal for anyone coming from that specific place. Perhaps it's a reference to a place everyone's been to, or a person everyone knows or a struggle everyone in that city has once been faced. Mississauga is no different.

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So if you're from Mississauga (which you probably are...like why else would you be on this article?), you've definitely said at least ONE of these:

1. "I'm stuck in traffic on Hurontario"

2. "I'm so excited for Waterfront Festival"

3. "I love the new extension in Square One"

4. "I got so drunk last night at &Co last night"

5. "Ugh, I love Port Credit. It's so cute"

6. "I mean, Mississauga is practically Toronto"

7. "Ya PartyNextDoor is from Mississauga"

8. "You know Burrito Boyz started in Mississauga"

9. "Ya I'll just take the GO train to the city. There's no subway that runs here"

10. "Ugh, I don't wanna go out in Toronto...It's so missions. Wanna drink in Sauga instead?"

11. "Nvm, definitely not staying in Mississauga on a Friday night".

12. "Technically, the airport is in Mississauga."

13. "I miss Hazel McCallion".

14.  "We really need a Sweet Jesus in Sauga."

15.  "I'm so sad the Cock closed down!"

16. "Mississauga isn't THAT bad".

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