Donald J. Trump was the last person anyone thought would have a real shot at the presidency. When he first announced he was running for president in June of last year, nearly everyone thought it was a joke. As if the loud-mouthed, attention-seeking, egotistical maniac actually stood a chance against seasoned politicians in a cutthroat presidential race...

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...I mean, how could he stand a chance? He commenced his candidacy with a disturbing attack on Mexicans; asserting that all they've contributed to America are their drugs, crime and rapists. He proposed the construction of a physical wall along the US-Mexico border to keep their "bad people" out. He suggested a country-wide Muslim ban, body-shamed a former Miss Universe contestant, blamed Hillary Clinton for starting ISIS, and attacked what seems like almost every news correspondent in the media that has ever covered a story on him. Very presidential.

The New York Times even published a two-page spread that was dedicated to all of the insults Donald Trump has made about people. Since January, his victim count has risen to a staggering 282. He stood by all of his remarks, even after several businesses like NBC, NASCAR, Macy's and Univision cut ties with him.

And, after all this, he's still in the running.

Which brings us to Kanye West; music icon and self-proclaimed God, whose involvement in politics only goes as far as 1) alleging that former President George W. Bush did not care about blacks when he was in office, and 2) criticizing the government for their slow efforts to address the Hurricane Katrina crisis in 2005. That's pretty much it.

So naturally, when he announced that he would be running for president in 2020, everybody simply laughed it off. What does he know about politics? As if a loud-mouthed, attention-seeking, egotistical maniac actually stands a chance against seasoned politicians in a cutthroat presidential race...

...Sound familiar?

US politics is seeing an uneasy shift in its tectonic plates. It appears as though this election has become less about a candidate's stance on the issues and more about his or her shock value and level of regality. If Donald Trump can manage to hold his own against a political heavyweight like Hillary Clinton, who's to say Kanye West can't do the same in 2020 against his political foes, whoever they may end up being?

Besides, they're pretty similar to each other. Like Trump, Kanye loves himself, hates the media and has a way with everyday people. If he does run, he'd definitely be a populist candidate. He's got money, a massive millennial cult following, and a slew of powerful celebrity surrogates at his disposal. But does he have a strong vision for America?

Well, based on "Trumpean" politics, that doesn't really matter as much. Neither does temperament or public composure. To be competitive in a presidential race in this day and age, it seems that all you really need to do is victimize your opponents, stir the media and say all kinds of outrageous sh*t. Sounds like a perfect game for Yeezy.

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