During my evening scroll through Tumblr last night (yes I still use it), I came across a beautiful, lost gem that I thought would be nice to share.

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Might and Magic is an explorative series of fantasy created by two talented artists, Irene Angelopoulos and Christopher Felske. Together, they established the art creative Catshrine, which specializes in illustration, painting, animation, installations, sculpture and all things media. In July 2013, they created an incredible watercolour map of Toronto reimagined as a magical fantasy land. From the High Park Centaurs to the Queen West Condo Hydras, the map assigns each neighbourhood in Toronto a mythical being that encompasses their unique auras:

See larger 

Angelopoulos and Felske were inspired by popular monsters in Greek mythology, as well as by suggestions offered by Torontonians themselves (ex. the St. Clair Basilisks).

The map can be purchased through their online website, Catshrine.ca.

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