Climate change skeptics can doubt all they want, but there's no denying the science. According to a new study, the Earth's temperature is on track to increase by a staggering 5°C, which could lead to higher frequencies of catastrophic events like drought, flooding, and the extinction of certain species.

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Such increase in global average temperature would also result in Canada getting warmer by 8 to 10°C, which would mean hotter summers and harsher winters. A few years ago, Climate Central, a research organization, made projections on what average summer temperatures will be for major U.S. cities between 2080 to 2100 (based on current trends in greenhouse gas emissions). They then compared the projected temperatures of each city to current temperatures of other cities to give an idea of just how much the Earth's climate will change in future.

The report showed that Chicago will exhibit Texas-like temperatures by 2100, (with summers averaging at 33.9°C), while Las Vegas will feel more like Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (with summers averaging at 44°C).

Postmedia requested Climate Central to apply their climate model to Canadian cities and significant changes were seen as well.

Toronto, which usually has summer temperatures around 25.3°C, could eventually feel like North Miami, Florida with 31.6°C averages in 2100. If humidity is factored in, temperatures could be even warmer - around 40°C.

Other projections for Canadian cities include:

  • Montreal - Charleston, South Carolina (30.9°C)
  • Winnipeg - Decatur, Alabama (31.1°C)
  • Calgary - Des Moines, Iowa (28.5°C)
  • Vancouver - Laguna Niguel, California (27.5°C)

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